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⚔ Join -I Dominatori- (GW Bracket 5) [29/30]

-I Dominatori- are looking for new members! We are a competitive but friendly Italian guild with only two requisites: 522k gold/week and participation in guild events(in particular GW and Tower of Doom). We guarantee 40k seals/week, all basics Tasks completed on Monday, all rewards from guild events and at least two LT every week(we go all-in during the new mythic weeks). If you are interested join us on our Discord server at https://discord.gg/pEy5ZeP or contact me here on the forum.

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Hello im lvl 1100+ player can do over 50k GW Points , was previously on Dragon’s peak , anonymous and marthos guardians also can do 700k gold and most requierments pls message me im looking for active guild focued mainly on climping GW brackets!!!

We have one free spot.

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