Join Gems Stormers - Open to active players. Committed Casual to intermediary (Balanced)

Gems Stormers

We are in the reforging process; we have a core group of experienced people who contribute a lot and now want to welcome new people in our ranks to go back to full while allowing for more rewards to all.

Casual intermediary (Balanced) active players with a desired to continue to grow and learns while enjoying the game mostly at their pace.

Our focus is on the weekly Guild event with best effort participation. Then people can go however they want to meet the requirements.

Weekly Requirements:

Lvl500 Minimum
500k Gold
1000 Seals
Guild Event Mandatory

Apply within game, reply here, or send me your invite code.

Thank you.



Hey Zak,

I’m from the Throne of Odin guild family. Are you at all open to a guild merger? One of our guilds is in a similar rebuilding process and seems to have requirements that could align with yours.

Just to give you some background, each of our guilds has its own team of leaders and we share a Discord server where all our players can share information, ideas, or just chat. We encourage players to switch guilds as their play style/availability changes. If you’re interested in discussing a possible guild merger, come check out our Discord (Throne of Odin Guild Family) and feel free to DM me directly.

Hope to hear from you guys! And either way, I wish you well with your re-build.

Something to consider, would have to check with our vets.

Given I have noticed a lot less movement lately of newer players while pool of established player seems to be pretty much settle due to how long this game has been going on.

Will PM follow-up.


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Sounds good. And if you want to come visit our Discord and take a poke around, I can give you friend permissions so you can get a sense of us.