Join Fart Club-- ACTIVE PLAYERS welcome!

Hi everyone. Breaking the first and second rule… Fart Club is recruiting.

We are a humble guild of 15 at the moment—a mix of different levels of players from different parts of the world. We do weekly guild events (GW, Invasion, ToD, Rd Boss), and everyone contributes to the guild. Our number is much reduced as we have been removing inactive/ noncontributing players, or some leave for RL reasons. Our guild is about 8 months old and we consider ourselves relaxed but committed players. We strive for balance while keeping the game fun and competitive (occasional banter inevitable).

Our weekly requirements are low: 25k gold, 250 seals, 0 trophy.

We are on Discord (text only, no live chat) to share and learn.

Promotions/ Demotions/ Kicks are done weekly. Basically, demotions are done as warning if a player has not met the weekly requirement. Kicks are done if you are in the bottom rank and still inactive and/or no communication.

We welcome any level of active players. We learn from each other & believe there’s always room for growth in this game :blush: So if you just started, or mid-level or advanced and don’t mind teaching old dogs new tricks…maybe this is the guild for you. Thank you for considering us.