Join Endless Spiral: Semi-casual Guild for Team Players

Heya good people!
We are a well-established guild with members that stick together since our birthday back in 2019! We are now open for new member that looking for a semi-casual environment with dedicated players that will make your Gemming journey easier and more fun!

Our guild is based on team effort, where all do an equal minimum, that’s how we close all events while maintaining game-life balance. Hence we will have these requirements

We always close all events by having all members do their minimum requirements, so no one will be the only person do the heavy lifting (although we do have some member going bonanza from time to time :sweat_smile:). Maxed out guardian (lv. 200) to boost your stats. Legendary Tasks unlocked every GW week. Lively guild chat where we share our event teams, GW result (and the frustration​:joy:), defense performance, or general Gems tips to help each other. Pets also comes often, our guild leader is a resident zookeeper :blush:

We always value real life over the game so if you have busy week, are going on vacation, have to move or something like that, just tell us and you won’t be demoted or kicked out for not doing the requirements.

It is optional to use Discord, but we do use Discord as an additional guild chat, because guild chat is very limited. On Discord, we share teams, guides and links, to help or inform each other. We have a wonderful library of teams for every game mode/events.

If you are interested, or have any question, please just ask either here or PM me or @Shaylynn (also on Discord @Shaylynn#4294) We hope Endless Spiral will be the home you are looking for!


we are looking for 2 members for this week :smile: