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New to gaming in general, obsessed with GoW x1 month. Level 133, active daily, 1500 seals and around 200 trophies weekly. Still powering/leveling kingdoms, have dragon and celestial armor. Guild wars use sigils daily. Please consider for invite RANIA_AHRA edit: Sorry just realized you’re on pc.


I don’t know English, but I play games very hard.
Can I join the guild?

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Come Join DruidsHaven. Join our Discord. :smiley:

We currently have a couple of seats open. Come Join us in Druids Alliance! :rocket:



Hi there, i am very interested to join, im a new player that is completly hooked to the game already (been at it for 5 days with 35 hours played and have done some research on the more basic stuff) i had 1500 seals in my 1st guild already but was the only one playing :frowning:

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