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🌸 Join DruidsAvengers! "Active and Fun" 29/30. Reqs: 300k gold and 1200 seals during new mythic week

Join DruidsAvengers and Druids Alliance Today! We are an Awesome and Growing Community of Gamers. DruidsAvengers , together with DruidsGlade, DruidsVale, DruidsQuest, DruidsHaven and DruidsGoldenTavern are the Druids Alliance .

Join our Community on Discord at: https://discord.gg/wrtWCvs

DruidsAvengers is a well established Guild designed for active newer players and laid back veteran players. :sunglasses:

We get Event Rewards N - 1 or better. Achieve 40K Seals always during NEW Mythic Weeks. Sometimes MAX Basic Tasks and finish few epic task

Check out also other guilds in Druids Alliance family:
DruidsGlade for extremely active players
DruidsVale for very active players
DruidsQuest for active players
DruidsHaven for casual players
DruidsGoldenTavern for newer players or veterans taking it easy


DruidsAvengers just joined Druids Alliance. We are celebrating this by finishing all normal tasks on Monday 23rd of March, soon after weekly reset. Join today to ensure you will be the one getting all the rewards with very reasonable reqs.


Welcome into Druids Alliance, the Twilight Avengers!! We are thrilled to have you join us and become Druids Avengers :sunglasses::heart:

Join our Discord here and PM @archdruids to join Druids Alliance! :rocket:



Reminder! On Upcoming Monday 23rd of March DruidsAvengers will complete all basic guild tasks and 1-3 epic tasks soon after weekly reset. All these rewards are waiting with our low requirements. Hurry up! Our 2 available spots will go fast. See you in DruidsAlliance discord server!


Still 1 open spot.

Last week even when our guild was not full, Druids Avengers completed all basic tasks.

This week we completed all basic tasks only 45 minutes after weekly reset. Later during Monday we also completed 3 epic tasks. We will also get max rewards from ToD event this week. :sunglasses:

If you are able to handle our low reqs (300k gold and 1200 seals during new mythic week), please don’t hesitate. We would love to have you in our active and friendly guild.