🌸 Join Druids Alliance and Druids Golden Tavern Today! We Offer Great Community, High Level Statues, and we are a 5 Guild Alliance. We are Recruiting Founders. "Come Grow with Us." (29 / 30)

Our Guild has recently joined Druids Alliance and we are rebuilding and we are currently seeking a few Founding Members!

We offer a Fantastic Community Discord in Druids Alliance. Members freely move between all 5 Guilds.

We are currently seeking Founding Members. With High Level Guild Statues we have Several Generous, Veteran Players but we need more Players. We need YOU! :heart:

Are you Level 100+ and do you Play Gems of War? Come Join us and Grow with us! :sunglasses:

Play the Game Your Way!! :rocket:
Join our Discord https://discord.gg/wrtWCvs
and PM @Del0921, @Khross. @NowayJoe2Go

The Druids Alliance are 5 Guilds:
+++++++ DruidsGlade
+++++ DruidsVale
++++ DruidsQuest
+++ Druids Haven
++ Druids Golden Tavern

With Druids Alliance you have the freedom to play the game your way! :wink: Move freely between our 5 Guilds! :rocket: :sunglasses:

Druids Golden Tavern as of 5-03-2019

Druids Golden Tavern is a Member of Druids Alliance Check out our other Alliance Guilds here. :sunglasses:

Check out DruidsGlade

Check out DruidsVale

Check out DruidsQuest

Check out DruidsHaven

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Join this is an amazing group.


I second this. Great people. Not the most chatty but we always make sure the Guild\Alliance is solid.