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It's the Arena that never ends, it just goes on and on

Edit: finally won. 5 minute game. Jesus.


But the event prizes are totally worth it, right? :grin: Just had a little chat with my guildies and none of the once present are going to take part in the event… Ironically some time ago i thought these weekends would give our guild a lot of trophies, but on the contrary, the guild halls echo when it’s Arena weekend. On the other hand, it’s nice that everyone can totally put the game aside for a few days.


This moldy carrot I do not chase. Its boring, rewards are horrible, and just not worth the time.


Agree; with the mouldy carrot; seriously; like offering one event key for three arena runs. We can; as said all take the week-end off. A decent boycott of this arena nonsense may get it an overhaul.


Arena weekend is a real life weekend. Like there is nothing to do except ARENA.

We run a voluntary event in our guilds where people can win gems (guild gifts someone else donates) - that’s how “interesting” this event is.

We also already finished world event by Friday so… Yeah…

If we’d at least get 5 offers daily instead of 3 - still only a tiny chance to get something useful but there would be some incentive.

As is, arena weekend is just boring, uninspiring, and overall not worth the effort, and this is coming from someone who actually likes arena.

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I like the idea of inside guild competitions. I tried a quiz once, rewarding right answers with gems, but it ended to the second question… Either no one knew the answer or it was not a great idea… Maybe some hide and seek next…

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I don’t hate the arena but I hate the “team selection” part.
It took forever to pick a decent team (most of the times)

Start playing again after “Verse offers” available with the new update.
And stop playing after the first verse offer (which is a verse I don’t need)

They really need to update the rewards of make this event more interesting. I find the arena game pretty playable as I do treasure hunt , after the introduction of gnome-a-palozza the rewards aren’t even worth the effort. There’s a thousand And one says they could improve it. They really need to align these events.