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It's Stump the Salty Time

Ok, everyone, it’s that time again! It’s Stump the Salty Time.
You can ask Salty any questions you want as long as it is connected to Gems of War or a riddle.
If you Stump the Salty, you win ______________!

Question: Are Obsidius and Infernus brothers?
If so, who are their parents?

Riddle: What would you call a link that you have lost?

Riddle answer: A Link to the past. (Get it? Solid dad video game joke.)

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What is the only food we eat that was never alive?

Each other because we are all dead inside.


Nope, Salty!
What would you call a link that you have lost?
A Missing Link!

Question: Is it better to have something and not need it or to need something and not have it?

Have and not need. I’m not advocating for being a hoarder, but if you have food and don’t need it that’s not a big issue, but if you need food and don’t have it that’s rough.


Ok, oh wise. Salty One, tell me, what is the curse of Dawnbringer.
Or, maybe, I should say, Doombringer?

I’ll throw in a special one for Salty, it’s sort of a developer joke.

Question: What is the difference between a bug and a feature?

The answer is a single word.