It's only when Yellow wars day rolls around that

…you realise how utterly useless all the yellow impervious troops are. Whilst your troops would indeed be protected from deathmark and devour the unfortunate fact is that none of the troops have any attacking ability to speak of.
Manticore - stun, stun, stun, hmmm…this isn’t working. The enemy shouts 'stop tickling us…'
Dracos 1337 - take that …silence, stun, drain a bit of mana…the enemy laughs at you.
Lil Johhny Bronze - put 8 skulls on the board…the enemy uses them against you and rolls around on the floor laughing.
Dwarven Slayer - lets do 60 damage to a troop with hp of 120+ then see him ‘die gloriously’ leaving you with 3 troops and watching as the enemy kerby cackles and produces a warg in the space left from the one troop you managed to kill.
Mongo. The troop from the joke shop. Does something randomly useless.

To summarise.

Yellow impervs are pants.


Yellow day basically forces you to go all in on mana drain. Everything else is super vulnerable to the troops favored in defense in the high level meta (Famine, Kerberos, etc.)…

By far my least favourite color war in GW… :frowning:


Mostly agree, though i really learned to like Dracos, so don’t you pick on him!


I used to like my yellow team for GW, now its devolved rather quickly into ‘oh yeah need 4 impervious nearly every battle, can’t do that today…’

I’ve started to hate yellow and red. Plus, why is kerbs devour chance so freaking high? Why can kerb have a 50/50 DEVOUR while dracos only has 25% chance of INSTAKILL for 1 less mana? Devour is so much borked that kerb justs straight up seems better (except that he’s not yellow for yellow day…)


I’m probably going to sound like a broken record asking for dwarf buffs yet again … BUT: Contrast this to Dwarven Slayer who kills himself to do 60 damage. Let me repeat that, while devour gets to take on all the attributes of the troop it devours and stays in the game, Dwarven slayer does 60 damage (not even enough to break through GW armor) and kills himself off.


I actually have more trouble with red troops, but yellow comes second.

Without looking at the mythic troops, the reliable / usable tools they miss are :
(both) Summon (see Krystenax / Kerberos), and no, Sir Gwayne is not reliable as a mana generating tool.
(yellow) Impervious frontliner (see Behemoth, Karnex, Gloom Leaf)
(red) Numbing status effect (see Silent One, Queen Mab, Sylvanimora)
(red) Cleansing (see Mercy, Herdmaster, Apothecary)

All of wich are very good tools to directly or indirectly counter the Death Mark / Devour meta.

I disagree, yellow impervious troops are handy at their designated roles - granted fielding them all give you very little attack power.

Need a mix of impervious and stealthy, to improve the damage output of a yellow team.

Yellow has two stealthy troops (avoids being targeted by Kerberos) that deal high damage. One of these even has a chance to devour beasts. Though it is a small chance. :wink:

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It would not hurt to get some more useful yellow Impervious.

True but stealthy does not protect against ‘death mark all’ - and can still be devoured if there are no other troops left.


red is still by far my worst colour. yellow has been good to me so far!

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I think Yellow is one of the easiest days.

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Correct - but if all goes to plan then the two impervious troops I have brought, have stunned it.

And if it is the last troop left, well I’m buggered because I generally have it in first place. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: This helps spread the damage around the team and also because Chubacapra has beast slayer too.

I have to counter devour far more often than Deathmark in my battles.

In my battles there’s often both (deathmark all & devours) - hence I like to field a full imperv in that case.

Last week 5-0 on yellow…this week 3-2

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I didnt bother with impervious at all.
I use Cockatrice to controll Famines and fill my own famine.
I used Lion Knight to skull-stun that pesty Psion and DK.


Astral Spirit. Start full, high true damage, refills fast (11 mana) and board control if you pick color smartly.
Add Hell Cat (fills fast too) to fill up Moloch and things start dying pretty fast.
What yellow lacks in Impervious, it compensate with fast, surgical single target killing


You gotta go all in on keeping the opponent from launching their spells. Cockatrice is a one-troop wrecking crew on Yellow days: Drain mana, Entangle, and usually refill himself if you drain 10+? Oh, and do double damage to entangled enemies. He’s enough to shut down nearly all the spell casting all by himself.

Plus you’ve got a few options: The Devoted is good to keep your front-line Cockatrice alive and charged up, while cleansing everyone. Herdmaster, Great Maw, Garuda, all excellent.

I usually use Elspeth and my Deathknight hero… first turn, blow up the hero, charge up Cockatrice (and probably the second troop) instantly, and Death Mark the entire enemy team. Plus I’ve got another troop slot to mix and match depending on the opponent.

Yeah enemy Deathknight is irritating, but if you’re locking down the whole enemy team (constant mana drains + Entangle), you can put in a direct damage troop (this week Paladin is my weapon of choice) to execute all the non-Hero enemy troops first.

You don’t even need to worry about Impervious troops or summoners because the opponent never gets far enough for it to matter.

Yellow day is one of my favorites. You don’t even need Famine or Stonehammer to dominate with a little strategic planning.


As always, it’s about luck, builds, strategic play and some more luck. Impervious isn’t the only answer against the beast meta. Try different approaches. We (Stratagem) scored over 170 000 points today with yellow. And yes, it’s in bracket #1.

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Yellow day is worst day ? Discuss.