Its one or the other...its certainly ridiculous

The creators of this engine are either
A. Liars
B. Idiots
C. Truly clueless.

I just played a battle vs goblins
Guess how many times the nobend and princess cycled destroy gems or all green?
If you guessed 13…youd be right…
It didnt end there.
Nobend proceed to agile dodge 8 straight skull matches…8 straight on a 20% chance???
The odds of that are practically impossible.

Im tired of this engine and its bs


I had a battle (against goblins) where my gobchompers didn’t devour 9 times in row, so yeah whatever :smiley: Goblins are special, remember.

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Yup. I tried a Gob Chomp team for pet rescue that someone suggested (3 chomps and a filler for them). I was in the 6th or 7th battle (so, the opponents were pretty stat heavy at that point), and, I fired off 6 times in a row, but got no devours.

I finally got the third and last slot to devour after 3 more tries (total). By the time it was all said and done, I won, but lost 3 out of 4 troops and my last one was half dead. Needless to say, I haven’t tried that team since. It left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. It’s nice, when it works, but it’s horrid, if it doesn’t.

You can retreat without penalty from pet rescue battles if it’s not going your way…

True, but my comment wasn’t so much about pet rescue, itself. I was just trying to point out the terrible devour rate I had. It was about half as effective as advertised (at least in that fight). So, based on that experience, it’s not something I’ll likely use, moving forward. As I said, when it works, it’s great. When it doesn’t, you’re in for a horrible time. I’ll just go back to using my freezing team. The Chomp idea just isn’t for me, I guess. Worth a shot though.

I have documented this before with Kraken, illustrating how the published 35% devour chance was a farce. I have noticed in past weeks considerably more wild inconsistency in the AI and its luck.

I have noticed that the majority of matches are more or less predetermined, either in your favor or against. I have had numerous matches that resulted in my complete team elimination in a single turn, goblins looping endlessly with explosions occurring about 100% of the time, and absurdly improbable cascades. I have seen streaks of 10+ matches where Mercy has no starting board, which defies probability. I have also seen the AI make incredibly stupid moves and make no real effort to win.

I’ve been playing off and on for three years, and this is what happens when you move specifically towards a pay to win model. I know what they say and I know about recall bias, but I also know that my own statistical analysis indicates anomalous behavior.

It isn’t going to change. There is most certainly a “luck” factor in this game, and it is incredibly frustrating when it is not in your favor because it’s so obvious.

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