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It's all too much

Kudos to anyone who got the obligatory Beatles reference.

3.5. Why? Yes, there’s lots of depth to the game now, lots of different ways to play. And - I have no objection to this - lots of things to spend money on. But it’s all so complicated. When I started playing two and a half years ago, GoW was a simple wee game. A match 3 with cloud save, which allowed me to play on my phone when I was on the bus, and pick up on my tablet when I got home.

As time passed, the Devs added complexity and it was very welcome. I don’t want to spend my life playing Bejeweled.

But now? So many different currencies. Pets. Hero trees. Vaults. Gnomes. Hundreds of troops I’ll never use. Daily tasks. Daily dungeons.

It adds depth, and probably makes the game stickier for many players. That’s a good thing. It’s especially good for the Devs, who make more money and are more inclined to stick around instead of going on to the Next Big Thing.

But for someone who just wants a casual game to relax with? Not so good. I’ll stick around. It’s still, at heart, the game I started playing all that time ago. But the innocence has gone, and with all that stuff to learn, I’ll never invest the time it takes to max my kingdoms. Or my pets. Or my heroes. Or my weapons.

But there is still match 3. And it’s way better than Bejeweled.

No one is asking you to care about every single currency, though. You don’t HAVE to do daily dungeons, pet rescues, gnomes, vaults, or even play using a hero with skill trees/upgraded weapons. If you want to just relax with the game, you can, still.