It Takes Zero Effort to Be Kind/We're Recruiting (Xbox)

We’re recruiting; pertinent information below. Our guild is fantastic and this game has done a really wonderful job of bringing a lot of us together. While our stats are impressive, they can be better. We’ve decided to make a concerted effort to push up the leaderboards. We meet our tasks with kindness and motivation rather than stress and demands. We are looking for good players who are more than just stats in a game.

If the above sounds desirable, and hopefully they do, but there are still requirements that need to be met: be communicative, at least level 1000, and meet our weekly requirements which are on the low end on purpose…because in-game stress is annoying. Participate in events, ask/answer questions, and during Guild Wars week your sentinels are boosted to five (5). Participate with us and have some fun. Remember to be kind.


  1. Successful

  2. Committed

  3. Charitable

  4. Communicative


  1. Kind

  2. Team Oriented

  3. Giving

  4. Reliable*

  • Real life happens, it’s cool. Talk to us if something comes up. We understand.

Our Guild: (Xbox): Monkey Disciples

League Rank: 52

Guild Wars Rank: 36

Weekly Requirements:

Gold: 800,000

Seals: 1,500

Trophies: 200

Level Requirement: 1000

Contact: (Xbox Tag)

smudge 1


**We have three spots as of this post. Go take one.