It seems that this battle has already ended or another one has started - We are returning you to the World Map

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
I was at 1 loss & 5 wins in the Arena, and I won my 6th game. I expected to be at 1 loss & 6 wins. Instead, the game lagged for a bit.

I then expected to get a relatively frequent error message and then the game would load again and allow me to click on “Continue”. Instead, it gave me this: “It seems that this battle has already ended or another one has started - We are returning you to the World Map”

When I returned to the Arena screen, my victory had been counted as a loss. =(

What are the steps to make it happen again?
No idea.

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!
I wish I had, as I’ve never seen that error message before, but it didn’t occur to me to take a screenshot at the time.

I’ve had this happen in the past, like the week leading up to 1.0.8. It would happen to me if I was playing a ton of quick PxP matches in a row.

It seemed new patch / lag related to me, since it hasn’t happened to me since.

Thanks for your reply. This seems to be a safe bet, then. In my case it was rather the opposite, though, I had been playing those Arena battles slowly and one at a time, as this was in-between other tasks, but I guess it otherwise fits.

I’ve had this happen to me several times before, and these are the situations that made it happen for me.

  1. Multi-boxing: Playing on more than one devices.
    If you start Arena on a device, and do ANYTHING on the same account on another device, the Arena immediately gives you a loss.

  2. Delay-Pause-Playing: If you start Arena on a mobile, pause the battle for whatever reason, and during the course of this pause your mobile switched to a different service provider (IE. connecting to a different WIFI or reverting back to 4G… etc), then Arena assumes you d/c’d and gives you a Loss. The Lag situation mentioned above is probably just a variant of this same issue. The network lagged and had to reconnect, and Arena responded accordingly.

These are the only situations I know of. I don’t think this is so much a bug, as it is just a plain network circumstance.

This actually happened to me today as well. I was doing pvp fights (not arena) on my laptop and as soon as the fight ended but before it triggered rewards, the game froze. I minimized the window trying to unfreeze it because I also have a problem with the game randomly crashing on me and usually minimizing and re-opening it works once before I have to restart the entire game. Well this time it didn’t work, I got that error and the battle disappeared as if it never happened. This was very frustrating as it had been a very long fight that I barely won.

I do play on multiple devices but I haven’t logged on the other devices in a couple of days now and I’ve never had this issue before. I wish they would fix these issues…it’s extremely frustrating to lose out on fights because of the game crashing and now this type of error is just beyond frustrating.

Thanks for sharing, guys.

What you describe looks slightly different, and the error message makes more sense in such circumstances. But I never accessed my GoW account on mobile, I only play on my computer and with a wired connection, so it’s a bit weirder to me. I also didn’t have an Internet disconnection at the time, even a brief one, I’m pretty sure.

Usually, if my Internet goes down during a game, it will lag and eventually resume once the connection is back up. Maybe this is what happens if there is a server disconnection at the exact moment between the Victory screen and what triggers the rewards?

This is exactly as it happened to me, except that instead of the battle disappearing as though it never happened, instead it counted as a loss (but I suspect this is specific to the Arena). I’m also on a computer and also have the regular “Error - Timed out” issue which most often goes away after a few Alt+Tab: Game Crashes Randomly

In any case, I’m glad it seems to be a pretty rare issue. Also, as the devs said in the other thread, those issues should improve with 1.0.9. I was mostly curious about this specific version. =)

This error has shown for me twice before in PVP matches, each time I just thought, “Huh…weird…” and just left the thinking there as I moved on to the next battle.
But this popped up at the end of a 3rd (out of five) Kingdom Challenge I was doing yesterday. After I exited, I went back to the challenge to see that it wasn’t completed, so I entered it again. Once completed though, it gave me the rewards for the 4th challenge and only had the last challenge available to play. So I’m assuming the interface just needed to play a bit of catch up, it’s a pity it didn’t work the same way for you in Arena.

Thanks. Well, it’s par for the course in the Arena, unfortunately: a regular crash during a game counts as a loss. It was just more surprising here since it happened after the Victory screen. ^^

This happens if you move a gem after youve already won the battle if i recall

Happened to me today as well, though mine’s a bit unique.

I was playing arena and had 1 loss and 7 wins. I needed a few more souls to level an arena troop to level 15, so I went to grind some challenges.

On the first challenge attempt I got this pop-up message and the battle exited. I shrugged it off and played challenges to grind souls as per usual. Once I finished leveling the troop I returned to the arena to find I accumulated a second loss.

Apparently that challenge battle with the error counted as a loss in the arena, likely because it immediately followed it up when it happened. Obviously I couldn’t recreate the situation as the errors are seemingly random when focusing on a single device, but I found it humorous nonetheless.

Happy ending wise, I got all my arena troops for 1 gem without issue. Wouldn’t have minded that last win though. :trophy: