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Issue about computer crashing

Hello everyone, I am facing a strange issue recently. My computer crashed when I am playing games. Though all the programs closed in the background. I found a suggestion from here that suggested scanning PC. If I scan my PC, will it need to log in to all accounts again? I checked whether it is a software issue or not. But all is good. Then why PC is crashing? Has anyone faced any similar kind of issue before? Kindly help me.

We need a lot more info than that. What OS? Mac Catalina? Mac Sienna? Windows 10? Windows 7? Something else?

Do you get an error message and if so, what is it? Do the programs just randomly close? Does your computer freeze and you need to reboot?

Scanning for viruses is always a good idea, just make sure you are using a trusted scanner.

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Thank you Snooj for reverting back. I run Windows 10, and only my PC crashed while playing games. After scanning my computer with CCleaner, the problem got solved. Now my computer is not crashing during playing games.