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New Epic Troop: Iron Vlasta Iron Vlasta will be available this week for 400 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time. World Event: Order of the Bear There are 6 battles that players can encounter during the event: Frost…



The loot table for troops in Urskaya event chests is expected to look like this:

Chance Amount Troop
0.11% 1 Doomclaw, Kurandara
3.2% 1 King Mikkhail, Urskula, Ursuvius
12% 1 Baba Yaga, Berengari, Black Björn, Iron Vlasta, Prince Barislav, Shade of Kurandara, Wereverine, Yaga’s Hut
21.6% 1 Corrupted Urska, Snowy Owlbear, Spirit of Rage, Urska Dragoon, Urska Savage, Urskayan Blue, Vodyanoi
21.6% 2 Domovoi, Possessed Urska, Urska Druid, Urskatyr
21.49% 3 Leshy, Mammoth

Event chests don’t contain faction troops, guild wars troops, doom troops, tarot cards and special soulforge troops. They have been configured incorrectly in the past. Infinity Plus Two doesn’t compensate for keys wasted due to their mistakes. If you plan to spend a large amount of keys, make sure what you are looking for has already been found by other players.

Edit: Kurandara isn’t in the drop pool, even though it should be available. This is a serious issue, possibly avoid opening event chests for now

Edit 2: Kurandara is back in the drop pool.


Old Challenge Team:
Black Bjorn
Prince Barislav

The new team is… it’s something I guess.

Ursuvius does damage to all enemies, so it’s something. It is the only one on the new team to have skull reduction which is not great.

Baba Yaga resummons and is unblocked on Green and Purple. Unfortunately, the kingdom banner is - Purple.

Now the question is which of the other 2 troops should die be first slot.

Urskayan Blue has no mana conflict with Baba Yaga and Ursuvius, can create 9 red gems which is a bit middle of the road, and has a 50% chance to be useful/enrage all Allies. Not much use trait-wise though.

Spirit of Rage has red block on Ursuvius, but also has a Fire Link for extra Red Gem mana and is a functional exploder when you’re not losing… Will take some time to see if the Fire Link is more important than the color block. I’ll try Spirit of Rage up front first and see what happens.

This new team is better than the old team at least.


So, the new team works enough to do these epic trials. It is a little reliant on the enemy Urskatyr not going too crazy to the point of being hard to kill on Epic Trial 5. If the enemy team has a pumped up Urskatyr and if the Corrupted Urska fills, it can be a bad day. Hate to see the enemy team have Urskatyr, but the rest of the battle is simple so I guess its needed?

Probably the only thing I wasn’t too keen on was both Baba Yaga and Yaga’s Hut having -purple from the banner.

A little harder than Grosh’Nak, but not by much.

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What team order did you choose?

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Spirit of Rage
Urskayan Blue
Baba Yaga

I don’t think first 2 slot order really matters in the end, I had times where both died at some point. I can’t say I ever felt bad that Spirit of Rage died; I’d just summon Yaga’s Hut and continue to wimply spam Urskayan Blue for Red Gems (and sometimes rage) when needed.

I don’t think the last 2 slot order really matters either; you won’t be happy with only 1 of those troops alive unless the match was over the next turn.


The Urskaya Epic Trial is totally doable with this team. Just protect Ursuvius and Baba Yaga. Only cast Baba Yaga when you lose a troop to summon, or when you need to silence the last two enemies when they get towards full mana. Play defensively and don’t give up skull damage if possible and it doesn’t take a too long to get through all the matches.

EDIT: Just not seeing your second post. Agreed the last few haven’t been that bad after the devs have taken a closer look at team composition.

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I think Khetar was a wake-up call for them

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Event chests have been misconfigured, the old campaign mythic Kurandara isn’t in the drop pool, even though it should be available. Bug report is here:


The above strategies failed horribly for me.
Urskatyr fills prety quick when my create red gems fail to match with anything (i hate create spells). For me it typically cast 3-4 times before i could dent it significantly, putting its Attack into the 300s + Enrage. Paired with Corrupted Urska’s uncanny ability to match extra turns if not cascades with skulls, this pretty much guaranteed my loss with the quickness.

The strategy that worked for me was to put the cat on 1st spot, it’s useless to me after i land the Enrage All effect. This enables Spirit of Rage, 3rd slot, to explode more gems as a viable generator. Ursuvius in spot 2 to mitigate any skull damage until i can summon with Baba Yaga in spot 4. She should only be cast to summon or to apply Silence after you summon a Hut to spot 1. While summoning replacements as needed, triple spell damage from bottom up, taking away their skulls. If you do lose the cat before you get the Enrage All then Spirit can potentially apply the necessary Enrage to make it work.

Note: I did use the suggested Enrage mechanic to win, just probably not in the intended fashion.

Good luck using whatever strategy works for you.


I find myself disagreeing. At least partially. I’ll give you that this team is… something. Something crappy against the opposing team.

At least the old team had targetable characters, all had skull damage reduction, and Urskula was a guaranteed enrager for the whole team. While scatter damage sucks, she was better than urskayan blue feeding red gems to the enemy and having no better than a 50/50 chance of enraging the team at the same time.

None of them were affected by the negative purple from the banners. Having urskatyr in the first spot on the enemy team is a true hassle as once enraged he can one-shot kill anything on this new team even without the attack enhancement he gives himself. So urskayan blue feeds him red crystals and MIGHT enrage your team, IF you are lucky, and gain a whole 1 point of attack to MAYBE help take down urskatyr if he survives a hit from him.

The silence effect of baba yaga is nice, but ultimately pointless and filling her mana takes a long time with the banner penalty. Same effect with her hut taking the mana hit from the banners. Spirit of rage is only effective at exploding gems AFTER he is enraged, and ursuvius’ spell ability is likewise handicapped until he is enraged.

All in all, the new IMPROVED team was another step backwards from providing a fully functional team that can go toe to toe with the uber enhanced team they are set against and win in a reasonably expectable and acceptable time.

I consider myself lucky to have managed a win on the first epic trial. Stress on the luck aspect.

Ok, so I have to ask:

What team composition are you using and how much magic do you have for Ursuvius?

Happy to answer. It is the new team. Order: Urskayan Blue, Spirit of Rage, Baba Yaga (aka our lord of death and destruction John Wick), and Ursuvius. Ursuvius is only legenday and has 32 magic.

Well, having Ursuvius at 32 magic is certainly going to make it tougher. Maybe you’ll be boosted up with more bonuses the next time this kingdom swings around in the rotation.

I had the team at total power of 17.8k with Ursuvius at 48 magic. It was a slog but that got me through all five epic battles. I’m not saying the team was in any way good, or even moderately functional, but it eventually got the job done … sort of just how the fact that one can drive nails with a brick does not mean it’s a good idea.