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Ishbaala week... yikes

So let’s see, the kingdom of the week is Leonis Empire so Divine Ishbaala can appear in Event chests which is both great and terrifying considering how strong Divine Ishbaala is if you have the right combo. Not saying it’s impossible but it’s a real pain to endure.

However, what if your luck is bad and/or your team is unable to fully max green statue? There are no event keys for the event mission this week so it might seem like you don’t have a chance and there is no guarantee spending an extra 50% on the chance of getting it…

Well, have no worries! It just so happens that Divine Ishbaala is also in the soulforge! You think that’s overkill!? She’s in event chests, soulforge and it seems like everyone and their devoured by Kerberous grandmother has her.

Seeing Divine Ishbaala every single lot of 3 or even in all 3 is just irritating to go against and she has a 10% buff this week as well… yeah…

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It was bad enough having Ubastet in soulforge recently, almost immediately after being available in chests.

Soon we will all run the same defense the same offense teams and presto! balance will be achieved :smirk:

Just to add 10% - 20% stat boost has little meaning to Ishballa since her magic doesn’t scale with the boost.

She is a converter and in most teams she sits at the back.

The chance of encountering her skull to skull combat will be little.

Also on another note if you run ubastet yourself that means on a fair damage basis your ubastet will likely target the opponent infernus and ubastet now which are the main threats.

Not all gloom and doom :hugs:

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She’s also available for purchase this week. Thankfully I finally got her today as one of my few infamous evasive legendary troops.


Judging by my usual pvp matches it is hard to believe anyone didn’t already have her before this week.


Maybe this could finally lead to a revision of Divines

Finally she will be good enough to use her. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen her in PvP, but maybe now I will.

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Just got a second ishbaala. Courtesy of 3 event keys.:grin: