Is using mouse + controller banable on PC?

This may sound like a dumb question, but I question sometimes what is and isn’t considered an “exploit” in this game.

Is using a mouse while hotkeying with a controller a banable offence? Both are valid input methods that the game supports, but combining the two makes some inputs within the game much quicker.

I’ve seen people do it in the past, and just recently tested it today with my controller, but not sure what the current dev stance is on using mouse + controller.

Has anyone been using this combination to play recently?

If it is…
Then mobile players like me so should be banned for having thumbs that are too fast. :grinning:


I see no reason why it should since:

If the devs think this is an exploit then it’s up to then to make changes that will prevent both inputs to be used at the same time, but it could cause some other problems having those limitations in place.

It is already impossible to use both at the same time, but there is a nearly 0 second delay in switching between the two input methods. Mouse does most of the normal stuff, but controller does everything that mouse can’t do efficiently.

My biggest concern with it is if it would be picked up as botting, which is why I asked if anyone has been doing it recently. While it is all valid inputs, the game could possibly pick it up as a 1:1 AHK due to how similarly it functions as such.

For whatever method they use to get logs and review such i think it would differentiate the inputs from mouse and controler.

After all, the game needs to interpret what is what at the time otherwise strange behaviors would take place. I could be wrong of course…

How would it be any different than what console players use?

There are some mice with a lot of extra hotkey buttons. One could just as easily (probably easier tbh) buy a nice gaming mouse with 4, 6 or more (i saw one mouse a few years ago that had 16 hotbuttons) than have a mouse and controller setup. And honestly, the gaming mouse would be arguably faster than mouse+controller.