Is this a spell or not

Is the Dragon Eye weapon - when cast turns the troop that is in the 4th position into a Common Baby Dragon, casting a spell or not?

Reason I ask is I thought it was a spell therefore it can’t work on Arachnataur who’s got the trait Cannot be the target of any spell (unless there are no other targets) and I had him in 4th position

If not a spell - WHAT troop or trait can defend against that?

Have to work backwards on this one.

Stealthy: Cannot be targeted by spells (unless there are no other targets).

Spells that can target are the ones that lets you pick which enemy you can cast on.
In this case, Dragon’s Eye does not target as it deals the effect to a specified enemy.

But yes, Dragon’s Eye is still a spell cast despite that.

For defense against Transform, you would need the status effect Bless or have troops with Invulnerable.


thank you for the answer.

Dooms – hmmm, I’ve been ignoring them because honestly I didn’t think they were really powerful…

Correct, “Stealthy” only protects against manually targeted spells. Spells that target based on position (first/last) or strength (strong/weak), and of course spells that simply target all opponents outright* will bypass Stealthy. Keep this in mind both when using Stealthy troops on your own teams (3rd position tends to be safest) and when fighting Stealthy opponents (e.g. Cedric Sparklesack).

(*) - This includes spells which target all troops of a specific type or color, like Visk’s “Flametongue” (yellow targets) and the Sunspear class weapon (color of your choice). This can feel like manual targeting but it is technically just another form of striking “all opponents”, and can be dodged by targets with Submerged status. Stealthy+Submerged is possible and can be a right nasty combination to hit.

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Well it really doesn’t help using the Doom troops even in that last position with Dragons Eye. What is worse is the Dragons Eye was third position on his side and a true damage troop was in fourth. Took 4 turns but ended up loosing cause once the Doom was gone, it was the next up that was hit with COMMON level Dragon Hatchling… which is really rude when you have mythic troops,

Death by “Tiny Fireball” has got to be embarrassing.

I remember pairing Dragon’s Eye with War Goat – i.e. transform the last opponent then shuffle the team and repeat. If you can loop this enough times you can reduce an entire opposing team to just low-level Dragons…

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Ya but the Dragon Eye was on the opposite side. But thanks for the interesting troop combo.

I wouldn’t say it was an effective combination (at least not without a good Brown Mana generator) but finding silly combinations is part of the fun. NOTHING is immune to shuffling enemy troops around, and even when facing Invulnerable troops you can still weaken them by eliminating stat points (e.g. Ahrimas).