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Is there “gacha” in this game? How do you get new/more troops?

Thanks for the insight. I got sick of PAD and rolling the dice trying to get powerful monsters to use.

To answer the questions posed in thread title:

Yes, there’s “gacha,” as troop drops are randomized when opening chests, which is how you obtain new/more troops (other than the weekly glory-bundled ones).

And, for those that enjoy the collection aspect of the game, there’s a sort of “gotcha” in the game, as there’s this addictive quality in wanting/needing to amass troops and resources.

That being said, there are ways to increase the opportunities or chances you have to acquire those desired troops. Just have to find a means of obtaining more keys/gems to open chests.

You can shell out real monies to essentially buy more “rolls of the die.”

Belonging and contributing to an active guild will certainly help you accumulate resources that you can use to get stuff.

This F2Player has a healthy, low level account by way of Treasure Hunt mini game. :grinning:

There is also Soul Forge you can use to craft target troops.
To unlock, you need to complete the storylines for Blighted Lands and Drifting Sands (I think)

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