Is there any good Old Norse-Fenrir decks?

Much as the subject says. Thanks for the help! :slightly_smiling:

Fenrir is better combined with beast while not being one himself.
Besides, Fenrir uses green mana and every beasts but Serpent uses green mana too.
Also, Fenrir is from Maugrim Wood where there is only one beast, Dire Wolf, one of the most underwhelmingly weak card in the game…

I don’t see any deck that could benefit more from Fenrir than from any other card in the game.

:frowning: So sad, finally thought I picked up a very good epic with some good options.

I think the funniest part about Fenrir is that he has leader, but has no build options that would make him a good leader. If he too was a beast, then leader would work, but overall he really needs some tweaking in all aspects.

The part I don’t understand is his kingdom. He is from a woodland area which ironically has only 1 beasts. And yes he buffs beasts. I don’t know which beasts does he boost in his kingdom since there’s no beasts there. .

True, another thing I dont get is that Fenrir is a mythic beast from old Norse mythology. Yet hes not a beast in this game. Interesting.

Nor his he in Stormheim, where I would expect “old norse mythology” related stuff to be !
(Well, to be fair, Stormheim is as close to Krystara’s North Pole than Maugrim Wood is !)

Well, considering Orion is a centaur in the game but not in mythology, I don’t think the devs let such minor details bother them.

Besides, wildfolk are beasts of sorts, you can say the definition of wildfolk in the game is ‘beast with human features’, so this is not much different than human knight being technically human even if they are categorized as knights.

BTW, I run a team that includes Fenrir, and without any beasts. he is still pretty good, all considering.

This is true, though you would probably debrief should boost attack to both beasts and wildfolk by this definition (which wouldn’t be a bad thing at all imo)

Or, he should give extra boost to wildfolk allies, only. :slightly_smiling:

Just wanted to mention that his +Health boost does have some (limited) use in teams where this is the main focus ~ combined with Hydra or Bul’Turos for example.

But again cards such as Summoner have greater appeal even in this setup currently, because of their stronger/more useful secondary effects.

I would agree that either the spell needs a buff and/or the units it applies to needs tweaking.

So I’ve been trying to get Fenrir to work for a while. I like the looks of his ability, but it just costs too darn much.

Here is what I’ve come up with, and its working OK.
Woodland Banner
Gian Spider (Magic Link, Big)
War Hound (All traits)
Acolyte (Stone Link)

It tries to use the Spider -> Acolyte -> Fenrir to get some Big activations and charge Fenrir. With the current meta being mostly skull damage, you can get lucky with the war hound, to reduce incoming damage by enough to get built up.

Sacred Guardian used to be a beast, and then I had an OK Fenrir deck, but its divine now.