Is there an AI pity timer?

Curious if anyone else has been experiencing what I have. About every 15-20 PVP matches, I have a match where there is no possibility of me to win. It doesn’t matter what team I have or the strategy I use. I use to be able to get 500+ wins in a row and since the update I don’t know if I’ve gone as far as 50.

I just played a match and the AI cascaded skulls 7 times out of falling gems. ( I had 4 cards, they had 1…) (They won)

Anyways, curious if anyone else feels that the AI difficulty stacks the more matches you win in a row…

My win streaks recently have been in the single digits, I don’t think I win enough to get there :rofl:

Even without that though, I’ve had games where it looked like I was winning and then in a single turn, the AI completely obliterated me, ha! And then I also have matched where it looks like the AI is trying to avoid winning. As in, I’m down to one troop, AI has 3 troops full of mana, but doesn’t set them off for 2-3 turns. As if it’s enjoying seeing me hang on to the lasts shreds of hope, lol

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It’s true, for me it’s about the 35th win mark. I know it’s coming and you are correct, you can do nothing about it.

I’ve learned to just accept it and move on.

I have seen nothing like this on mobile. I cant really comment about this on ps4 as i only have low level troops and my team score is around 5k and i always fight the 3 trophy fight which usually has a score of 9.5k or so so i lose every third battle anyway


I played with my new pvp team: Gorgotha / Infernus / Famine / Mercy lots of games lately. Most of the time the enemy has no chance at all and gets obliterated before beeing able to do anything. Massive dmg, I ignore skulls, Famine is ready to drain their hearts out and Mercy is up againt to fill Famine instantly after draining the enemies troops.
Everything is fine and nifty, but THEN it happens:
The enemy gets five skulllinks out of nowhere. Okay, Gorgotha eats that. But from a fully drained enemy team it goes to a completly filled enemy Famine, Ragnagord and others. ONE turn for the enemy and he deals five times face damage and fills ALL his troops? Yeah, tell me about luck…
And that happens about every 30-50 games. Once. Then again farming like to tomorrow but this one game once in a while has so crazy “luck” for the AI its hard to believe…

tldr: Lots of dice rolls and every 30-50 matches I eat 5 natural rolled critical strikes in one match. Coincidence?

Same here, I don’t think I’ve had a streak of more than 10 or 12 since the “fix”. I usually only go 7 or 8 before a loss, and that’s using my strongest team.