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Is there aDelve Stratagy to only recieve Legendary Ingots?

I can get Mystic Ingots but need to Lvl up my Legendary weapons is there a way to either by picking rooms to do or upgrading treasure hoard to ensure what even ingots I get are only legendary?

No, it’s all random. But eventually you can get more than enough Legendary Ingots that you’ll more than likely wish for more Chaos Shards because upgrading the Faction Troops also benefits the kingdom’s stars.

It’s several random rolls on a loot table, containing shards, souls, glory, gold, legendary and mythic ingots. The number of rolls you get is based on your chest level. If it hits ingots, the base amount is 1, multiplied and rounded by your accumulated room reward multiplier, doubled for hoard quality 8, so you tend to get a multiple of 6 or 8 with proper preparation.

Thanks! Am I right in thinking there is no benefit in ascending treasure troops since you spend them to increase loot quality?

Ascending them or raising their level won’t increase their hoard donation value in any way.