Is there a way to see all my Traitstones?


I can’t seem to find a place to see all my traitstones. Does anyone know if there is a place to see the totals, that I am missing in the 1.0.8 UI?

Also, has anyone had an Arcane Plains Traitstone drop? I think it should be from Divination Fields. I probably have 60 defenses in Divination Fields with no drop of it, so I’m trying to figure out bad luck, wrong location, or (bugged)not in the game yet.


Sure. Click the “Hero” button, then the “Collection” tab, you’ll see how much gold, souls etc you have, as well as Traitstones


Go to the Hero menu, then choose Collection at the far right. That’ll show you your resources, including gold, gems, and Traitstones.

As for Plains Traitstone, could be a Wild Plains thing instead of Divinion Fields (though I’m not even sure they’re based on fight location; are they?).


As Wild Plains drops red and green, It’s unlikely to drop the Arcane Plains Traitstone which is yellow and purple.

There is another possibility: Since there are 21 arcane traitstones but only 20 kingdoms, maybe the kingdom that drops the Arcane Plains Traitstone was not introduced yet.


Yellow and purple traitstone will drop in the yellow and purple kingdom - Divinion Fields - I believe…


To make it a little easier to track down where to fight for what stones:

Blue      Blue        Stormheim
Blue      Brown       Broken Spire
Blue      Green       Maugrim Woods
Blue      Purple      Khetar
Blue      Red         Mists of Scales
Blue      Yellow      Sword's Edge
Brown     Blue        Broken Spire
Brown     Brown       Khaziel
Brown     Green       Zaejin
Brown     Purple      Darkstone
Brown     Red         Grosh-Nak
Green     Blue        Maugrim Woods
Green     Brown       Zaejin
Green     Green       Forest of Thorns
Green     Purple      Zhul'Kari
Green     Red         Wild Plains
Green     Yellow      Pan's Vale
Purple    Blue        Khetar
Purple    Brown       Darkstone
Purple    Green       Zhul'Kari
Purple    Purple      Karakoth
Purple    Red         Ghulvania
Purple    Yellow      Divinion Fields
Red       Blue        Mists of Scales
Red       Brown       Grosh-Nak
Red       Green       Wild Plains
Red       Purple      Ghulvania
Red       Red         Pridelands
Red       Yellow      Adana
Yellow    Blue        Sword's Edge
Yellow    Green       Pan's Vale
Yellow    Purple      Divinion Fields
Yellow    Red         Adana
Yellow    Yellow      Whitehelm

Kingdoms are listed twice in both orders, meaning Adana is shown as Yellow Red and Red Yellow, to make looking things up easier. Also, no kingdom has Brown and Yellow.

For farming you can both do challenges in that kingdom, or set that kingdom as your Home and then any revenges you do will yield those stones. For example, to trick out my skeletons (pure purple), I set my home kingdom to Karakoth and cleared my revenges, then farmed the 2nd challenge (1st challenge had enemies with a trait that reduced skull damage) until I got enough minors.


Thank you all.

In the old rule of the internet, I finally had one drop after I posted.

@Rasper Thanks for the farming tip. I didn’t think about them dropping from the challenges, just PVP.