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Is there a Pet Schedule?

Is there a pet schedule out there I have got only two pets , seems every time I get off gow the pet thing happens for example got up early this morning was on for hours went and lay down got up pet event was going on but was only able to get to round 8 and was not allowed to collect rewards

The 1-hour pet events are random.

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There is no pet schedule, you can only sort-of-kind-of predict it.

Well, there’s sort of a pet schedule. Once per week, there will be a 24-hour pet rescue. That one is guaranteed. During that time, any pet gnomes you find will just drop food rather than starting a new rescue.

As there is not a currently active pet rescue, if anyone in your guild encounters a pet gnome and wins the combat, it starts a pet rescue that lasts for 1 hour. Pet gnomes are like normal gnomes and fairly rare. Unlike normal gnomes, they seem to only appear in PvP/Arena.

So if your guild is very active, then pet rescues will start roughly every hour due to guildmates finding them and winning. If your guild is small or inactive, your odds of someone finding a gnome are dramatically lowered.

For example, if a 30-member guild is grinding PvP matches and finishing 2 per minute, that’s 60 chances per minute to find a pet gnome. But if 3 people are taking 4-5 minutes to finish matches, that’s roughly 0.75 chances per minute to find a gnome. If we think the odds of one displaying are about 1/30, that means the big guild has a very good chance of finding a new pet gnome within 5 minutes, but the small guild might take several hours to find one.


If that’s an educated guess, then either there’s something wrong with my game since the update or I must be really unlucky; I do hundreds of PVP matches per week, and I have yet to even see a pet gnome. Actually, the rate at which I see treasure gnomes in pvp seems to have gone down dramatically too since 3.4 hit.


It’s an educated guess. The devs don’t tell us the odds for anything because they don’t believe gamblers spend money if they know the odds. (This suggests the devs haven’t thought very hard about it.)

1/30 fails more often than you think. That’s a 3% chance. Think about it more like a 97% chance of failure and it starts to make sense. We intuitively think 1/30 means “if I play 30 matches I’ll see a gnome” but there’s no probability fairy to guarantee this. If, instead, we think of it as a 97% chance of failure, we can ask, “What are the odds of failing this many times in a row?”

For 10 matches, that’s 71%. For 50 matches, 18%. 100 matches drops you to a 3% chance of total failure, that seems like a good threshold.

I definitely agree, though, that Gnomes in general seem far more rare post 3.4. I would not be surprised to find out both gnome rates share the same number, and the devs didn’t think about this when trying to adjust pet gnome rarity downwards.

The sad thing is this dramatically hurts small guilds but only annoys large guilds. Each large guild has potentially 30 people making 2 tries/minute, speaking optimally, for 60 shots at a pet gnome/minute. An “average” guild is making more like 10-15 tries per minute.

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From my own experience last week, I saw the expected amount of treasure gnomes. However, I didn’t encounter a single pet gnome. So, my feeling is that pet gnomes have a lower spawn rate. This is only conjecture since the devs never mentioned the spawn rate of pet gnomes specifically.

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In my guild, we use an outside chat and make sure to alert each other the moment a pet event starts. We use the LINE app, so all I had to do was turn my notifications on and so far I have only missed a couple, due to life haha ;). Doing something similar in your guild could help alert you in the future! Good luck!

It would make sense that the pet gnomes have a lower spawn rate since they benefit the entire guild. If the rate were the same as the treasure gnome, even moderately active guilds could guarantee themselves hot and cold running pet events. I’m certain it isn’t the 1 in 30 that people have been tossing around, but I have no idea how low the probability might actually be (and the lower it gets, the larger the sample of total battles we need to even begin to zero in on the actual rate.)

If it were me deciding, I’d probably have it at something like one tenth to one thirtieth of the Treasure gnome rate. That would put the odds at somewhere in the 1 in 300 to 1 in 1000 range. These are not predictions - just me spitballing what I would do if I were the devs. At those ranges, individuals could have some extremely long droughts, so hopefully they are not that low.