Is there a Bias in Verse Gnome Appearances?

Ever since their introduction, my Verse 4 has been dragging behind. This is even considering that the only Verse offers I purchase are the ones with Verse 4.

After so many years of Vault Weekends, I’d have expected for the numbers to fluctuate enough that a different gnome would fall behind eventually: it has yet to happen, and it’s actually gradually moving further away from such a scenario…

So I decided to check starting last Vault Event on my total Verse drops:
27 Verse 1
19 Verse 2
28 Verse 3
11 Verse 4

This weekend I didn’t get to play as much nor run any GaP, but I did get the Screenshots to keep track of this curiosity:

So that’s:
14 Verse 1
13 Verse 2
11 Verse 3
4 Verse 4

Am I missing something that explains this trend? Is this within reasonable probability after so many years? Or can we start wondering whether not all verses are created equal for a particular user/farming location (I exclusively alternate between E1 Wild Plains and Sin of Maraj)?
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I alternate between both kingdoms as well and I’m short on V4 too. But 2 vault weekends ago V2 I had the most of and V1 was almost similar to V4, while it’s the other way round now. I have way more V1 than all the others and V2 and V4 only differ by 2 currently.

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So I have no paper data/it’s all anecdotal (pointless) bias, but there seems to be clumps of gnomes where verses are not found evenly.

That’s not to say one type of gnome is universally rarer than the rest; they’re probably about even across the entire player base. Different players will struggle with different verse gnomes…

Its just at some point, a different gnome will eventually be the clump point, it’ll even out, then eventually a different verse will be the one missing a lot of verses.

At one point, I was short on 3s by 20+… now I’m short on 2s. go figure.

Verses are basically the gem/cosmic dragon experience, but easier to get.


This has been my experience as well. I’ve fluctuated between a few different Verses having vastly less than others.

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In the beginning, it was v2, then v4 and now it’s v3 the one I’m missing. I’d like to know how many GAPs I used so far.


I have over 120 verses, but 0 verse 2.


I’ve played GaP quite a lot across 3 accounts, and the thing i’ve noticed is that your most needed 2 verses show up the least. It’s different across each account. One of them needs greens the most, one blue, and one red.

Only thing that is perfectly consistent across all accounts is the yellow verse gnome appears WAY more than every other gnome.

And whenever I was grinding them more “hardcore”, it seemed like once my lowest verse got to 5 I would start seeing that particular gnome I needed more consistently. As if it’s programmed to take whatever limit it has off once you reach a certain number of your most needed gnome. Probably just to punish people who get their needed verse and immediately do a GaP.


I don’t know necessarily that there’s a bias, but based on basic RNG, I fully expect some verses to show up more than others.

That being said, if we want to make an argument there is a legitimate bias, I’m not going to counterargue it. The verse 1 gnome used to be everywhere and now I’m almost never seeing him.

My verses at the time of posting this.
Verse 1 - 16.
Verse 2 - 27.
Verse 3 - 61.
Verse 4 - 46.

61 vs. 16. Even if it’s still just basic RNG, my verses still suggest an argument in favor of a bias.

I’m not sure when I last did a GAP. I haven’t been motivated in recent months to do a bunch of Explore runs. With PvP in its current state, that has changed. So, maybe I’ll find enough verse gnomes for the next vault weekend just because I still need medals and medals don’t farm themselves.

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There is no bias, that’s just how RNG works. Everyone you ask will have different verses.

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My concern was based on the fact that Verse 4 has been consistently behind for years, and keeps falling further behind based on the last 2 Vault Weekends: will keep on documenting.
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@Kafka Any chance you could put in a QoL request for a 5th verse gnome that would let us choose which verse we earn? It would really help even things out and make it a more fun user experience. Thanks in advance for your consideration. <3


With how theyve ignored us for over a year on dupe dragons? Not likely. Gating us on what we need with dupes is a feature

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I’m personally short on Verse 2 (sometimes also v.3) myself, BUT I had the good RNG to defeat 2 Cindi Savagelips during the last Vault Weekend (and NOT while running a GAP), which helped alleviate the skew a bit.

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I always have plenty of 1 and 4, but always short on 2 and 3, especially 3.

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Maybe, but we’ll never know unless we try so I’m giving it a shot.


I have the most verse 4’s and the least verse 1’s. If you average everyones results you get the standard 1/4 chance per verse.

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Before :point_up_2:

Great suggestion. I would tweak it to just automatically give you the verse you need the most.

After :point_up_2:

So started (relatively to V4) with:
V1 = +45
V2 = +32
V3 = +31

And after a weekend of mostly GaP, not that much verse farming comparatively:
V1 = +49
V2 = +40
V3 = +31

More data points in 4 weeks

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I would love that, I was just afraid it was asking for too much.

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