Is the weapon Dawnbringer broken?

It says If there are 13 or more Red Gems, gain 2 Magic. So why is the Yellow Gems there? Was the Yellow Gems supposed to be there for a reason? It’s just Boosted by Yellow Allies and Enemies.

It still gives the boost Ratio counting the Red Gems I think…

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The boost is given by two times the number of yellow allies and enemies.

Below we have 2 multiplier x (2 allies + 1 enemy) = 6 bonus points.

But you are right about showing the number of yellow gems. I think it shouldn’t be there.

EDIT: It’s probably there because the Dawnbringer has the ‘Dawn’ trait.


Long forgotten art of reading available info solves the mystery of yellow gems in a matter of seconds. But, alas, who can read these days?

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Thank you for helping me understand how the Dawnbringer works. I wish they take the Yellow gems off too, there is no reason it should be there and is confusing.

The Dawnbringer just destroys one yellow gem, I have no idea why they added the yellow gems since we know a yellow gem is destroyed.

Be better if they would put 4 Red 5 yellow -1 (4 yellow) after cast is made. Where the Gems are.

Guess because if there are 0 gems, none will get destroyed, 1 you can see which… Plus it shows that no matter how many gems would be destroyed so guess it’s the same for all “destroy x gems”

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Both are shown so you can see the damage boost and also so you can see if the conditions for the second part of the spell are met. This is consistent with other Troop and Weapon spells with boosts related to the Gems on the board.

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For reference, my Dawnbringer, which is only upgraded to +5 (before the ‘Dawn’ upgrade), doesn’t show the Yellow Gem count: