Is the Paladin back?!


Fought against an old school paladin team today. Still won but it was a near thing. With all the stat bonuses, is the Paladin back?! I loved my old school Paladin team!


I like using the Mang on those Paladins :stuck_out_tongue:

Severely weakens them while giving me 100+ Attack !!



So that’s a “no” then?


Paladins, Cyclops, Shadowhunters, Blade Dancers all work surprisingly well in this new era of massive stats :stuck_out_tongue:

I occasionally run Herdmaster, Blade Dancer, Cyclops, Gorthgotha for a bit of explosive fun … Have seen Blade Dancer hit other troops for 20+ each and Cyclops hit for 25+ :wink:



Now that I finally got Shadow Hunter, I am amazed at his strength with all the huge life stats. He deals 10 or something buffed by all enemy life. Super blows of 35-50 to the healthiest enemy.


I tried paladin myself a bit. I would say he is as good as he always was. Good for some quick, bad hits but risky as ever, if not even more risky. With the massive increase in HP it becomes even more perilous to rely on him. After his armour is gone (bone dragon anyone?) or after he has taken a hit or two he is virtually useless. It was so before but now his base damage is even worse in comparison to the average HP.


Aha, but in 2019 when I unlock his last Trait, he will regenerate his Armour!


Am I the only one around here who thinks a regen of 1 is mostly worthless when you are getting hit for upwards of 20?


Don’t spoil it, I’ll be saving for ages to unlock that!


One of the weakest traits imo. Even more so because it looks kind of cool at the first glance ^^


I just blew over 1000 gems trying to get my Arcane Light rune to get that final trait… and failed :cry:
I guess it’s just not meant to be.


You could buy the $50 Divinion bundle and get 10x Arcane Light stones. :laughing:


I love paladin teams…especially with my Dragons lineup with Bone Dragon in 1st position :smiling_imp:


What we really need is a troop that recovers full armor, like a blacksmith or something. I mean Emperina has no trouble restoring a 40+ Life troop to full, and adding to it! Armor’s earned some well deserved love finally.


Nah, saving for the gem sale. Arcane Light is not the only stone I need, so gems are a lot more versatile.


Finally got the armor-repairing trait.
I have to say I’m loving it so far. It’s great for recovering from splash or AOE damages. Whereas before the trait, the paladin is effectively useless whenever it takes so much as a bruise.

As for getting hit for 20+ attack… well, if the Paladin is ever in the frontline position where it is open to Skull damage, then usually the game is already going down the gutter anyway.


when you fight something and you cant over speed its regen and it gets stronger the more you hit it then the game is already in the gutter for you. See ogre tribe challenge here.


I took down that tribe in about 5 turns… :flushed:

Guess that’s the benefit of being around so long…a few thoughts come to mind @killerman3333

  1. what team / strategy are you using? I used a skeleton-based team + Orb - and Aziris though he’s not really necessary - you need big skull hits, not spell damage here - and AoE won’t help much

  2. might be that the challenges haven’t been scaled well for your level - what level are you? newer players shouldn’t face that ogre challenge with all the traits… so a balancing issue for the devs


i used
myself sun/moon
it was too slow and i got ran over then i thought
it worked meh 30% maybe of the time noticed more loses than wins but still got my moneys worth.
then i was like lets go for broke and went with
i got my moneys worth and souls worth and it got me wins more than loses but it feels a little slow to me but the souls and the money though was good.
i then got frustrated and said why not pull my skeletons out of the closet and before you ask i do not have slime so
giant spider
i thought it would work but then it failed worse than the first set and i was like ok that was dumb and never again time to shove the skeletons back in the closet were they belong.
i then relised why not fight fire with fire and went with
black beast
way too slow but it wins with alot of awesome destruction of earth shaking proportions so i just went with serpent/valkyrie got souls and gold out of it but i think i can make a faster team than serpent/valk that requires no thinking on my part (I’m not sans i swear) Any thoughts on possible faster builds?