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Is the gnome weekend borked?

I expect a gnome every 30 battle or so, more than that on a gnome weekend.

Can I swap 10 leprechauns for a random gnome? They’re getting really annoying. Was hard for the 150 troop ab task as they kept swapping with troops in explore.

Now it seems it’s just leprechauns.

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Battle crashers replacing troops will still count towards the 150 kill X color troop tasks, Gnomes replacing troops however will not.

Battle crashers do not effect gnome spawn rates what so ever.


I don’t think they counted. Still no gnomes


Leprechaun is until today only.

I did 45 fights before I had to leave earlier. Got zero gnomes. I did however get battle crashers sometimes three or four fights in a row. I’m not complaining about the free gold, but I literally have only gotten 1 gnome the entire day over about 3 hours of gameplay

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… So they say. It is really strange that NONE in my guild have met any pet gnome what so ever since daily reset. Normally on Vault Friday we would have had some pet rescues by now. Some are saying they havnt seen ANY gnomes at all.
I have met some gnomes, but TONS of Leprechauns - more Leprechauns than the other days. It wouldn’t surprise me if they just launched this with errors…

Of course, I can only speak for PC/Mobile, but 360 games in it’s the same as two previous occasions when battlecrashers crashed gnome weekend, namely - no effect on gnome rate whatsoever.

Exact numbers (with Friday shown separately for the sake of argument), as usual, coming on Vault Weekend data collection thread once the event ends.


So I say. I did my own data collection years ago. I’d hunt down the thread but honestly I’m tired of doing it. (It’s an endless argument that gets brought up every time the events converge.)
I wish the devs would just let them spawn at the same time so the issue would be done for henceforth.
I only collected the data in the first place because I myself assumed that battle crashers were originally introduced as a nerf to gnomes. So you know my data was accurate because it actually proved my hypothesis wrong.

Your guildies and yourself bad luck streaks are due to the streakiness of GoW of which I’m not a fan but battle crashers are just the scape goats.


I do trust you A W Ryan. And I also know that a Battlecrasher only spawns in fights, where a gnome isn’t meant to spawn.

And if you know that the exact same game coding is used now as when you collected this data, and isn’t corrupted by the sloopy half-finished updates/patches/event launches they have presented for some time now - then I will take your word for us being unlucky.
But I am not taking the devs word for it, their behaviour lately(for a while actually)…


Well unfortunately. Wherever I’ve experienced similar bad luck it only lasts for 1/3 vault days. Almost as if the “luck” is regional/server based. So though I’m not having any issues today. Those that are, will surely suffer confirmation bias when tomorrow and Sunday the gnomes come out and play not because the BC are gone. But because the “RNG” has literally just been adjusted.

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It’s definitely not consistent.

In my first 106 battles, I had 19 gnomes, 46 battlecrashers.
In my second 106 battles, I had 5 gnomes, 43 battlechashers.
That averages to a drop rate of 11.32%, which is normal (better than average?) for vault weekends.

But it doesn’t feel normal because there’s also a BC out with a much higher drop rate (40%?). That and the inconsistent gnome drops that seem to cluster makes it feel like things aren’t working right.


I miss the leprechauns. I saw more gnomes with the BC than without. Not to mention the sweet 500 bucks a pop.