Is the game better with no extra turns on 4-matches (keep them for 5+ matches)

Many frustrating matches occur when the opponent make 10 or 20, or more moves while you stare at the screen hoping you will get another move. So many of the special abilities creating random gems end up with extra turns. It would be similar to having both teams frozen all the time, but still allowing the possibility for an extra turn.
It would be interesting to find out how the game plays when you only get another turn on 5+ matches. I assume this will cause some other game balance issues since each player should get more turns. More powerful troops should have more chance to power up. Traits like deathmark and burning will be more useful.
It could also add opportunity for new trait - “Get extra turn on 4-matches”

I suspect this is too major a change for such a mature game, but it would certainly cut down on some of the completely ridiculous battles where one side does not get a turn.

I appreciate your point of view but respectfully disagree

As a person who uses extra turns excessively with mana converters in almost every team it would seriously knock the teeth out of 80% of my teams…

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extra turn was the only thing special about 4 matches, it can’t have mana surge like 3 matches or 5 matches.

i might sound selfish but it is a huge morale boost for me personally to get extra turn from 4 matches. i can’t say the same for other players.

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Is this still true on PC/mobile, where you don’t get mana surges on 4-matches? I remember reading that on the original GoW wiki, but as far as I’m aware we’ve never had that limitation on console. Seems like an arbitrary distinction to me, if it still persists.

Yes. On PC/Mobile, you don’t get a mana surge from a 4-match.


Wow, that’s crazy. I’m surprised that this fairly big difference between the platforms has never been synchronized.


I did not ask if it would nerf your favorite teams, it would most certainly be a devastating change for many if not most of the best teams. I expect that most players would not vote for this change. I am wondering if the game would be better that way. Just imagine if this never existed, and no one had any teams expecting to get an extra turn with a 4-match. Would the game be better? I think it would, but I also think that at this point it would be too hard to make such a change.

It is a thought for making the game more balanced - giving each side more turns.

I’m not a huge fan of the idea, but if it were to move forward, I would just request that 4 matches have the ability to surge for 8 mana.


Maybe introduce it as an extra mode, see how it feels, but as it stands now i would not want a 5match only extraturn system to replace the current 4match+ one.


Whenever I find myself sitting in front of my screen and watching and waiting very impatiently for the AI to be finally done with their freaking chains and casts and chains again, I wish there was an option that lets me disable the extra turn feature for whenever I like (like everywhere but pvp).

My boring grinding/farming battles would be much shorter and I’d probably not feel so annoyed.

But I don’t see that coming. Too much in the battle system builds on those extra turn matches.

I loop like a person addicted to coke. I loop cause I want to, I need too, I need to see that extra turn over and over and over and over and over and over and over and oops your dead! I looped you to death MUWhahahahaha.

Now in all seriousness, if I have the ability to loop like a crazy addicted person, why shouldn’t the AI be allowed the same opperunity to as well.

Try looping, nothing is more gratifying to me than to get the loop started on the first round and seeing the AI never get a single turn. It happens and it’s friggin AWESOME!

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