Is Taloca trying to target dead opponents with its trait?

Today I was tinkering with Taloca on my teams. I was facing off against Psion / Ragnagord / Famine / Abynissia. I’d killed Psion and Ragnagord, leaving Famine and Abynissia.

I triggered Taloca’s 4/5 match trait twice on 2 different turns, but it did no damage to Famine or Abynissia.

I don’t think there’s any reason they should be immune, so that makes me wonder if the targeting code isn’t bugged. I would expect it only tries to target living opponents, but if it can randomly select dead opponents, that’d explain it. It’d also make the trait far less valuable.

Later, Abynissia summoned an Infernal King. He got hit by a Taloca proc, but I won the match shortly after so I didn’t get to keep testing.

Is anyone else seeing this, or did I just not notice the damage happening?

I try to test this on Explore battles, and Taloca’s trait seems to be working as intended.

Its 10 damage will always hit something, no matter how many opponent’s troops are alive. I faced with Hyndla Frostcrown, who summoning 2 more troops, but the trait still hit either giant summoned or herself.

Which mode did you have this problem? It might be more complex than just coding of Taloca’s trait.

Also, I’m on Android.

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