Is Refund Consulting Legal

Hi, I have one question regarding refund consulting. Is Refund Consulting Legal?

I’m not sure what exactly you mean by refund consulting, but if this is about requesting refunds from Gems of War Support our policy is to correct issues with missing purchases, or in the case of a technical issue with a purchase we can offer an exchange.

If neither of these are options, or if the customer wants the actual refund, then our policy is to direct the customer to the store they made the purchase from and we include the link to the store’s support page to help make it easier.

Awesome! Guess Arachnean Weaver will be given to players that bought it right? Or, their event keys or money returned. Its policy after all with missing purchases.


Technically speaking… and I believe they SHOULD have given out Weavers to people who opened event chests during that week… players did not purchase the mythic. They used even keys that had a probability of getting a specific mythic, except that mythic wasn’t available because of miscommunication on the forum and in-game. Nobody “bought” it though. I don’t even think you can purchase event keys directly anywhere. You can buy gems and use gems to get event keys, but even then, you’re buying a lootbox… a chance to get it…

True. I was oversimplifying it because I was tired of explaining when the devs dont care about fraud anyway

People bought a chance and never got the chance.


An interesting conversation, but y’all know this was a spam post, right? >_>