Is Pharos Ra in the event chest?

Did you chose “missing rewards” as a topic for the ticket?


There will be an automated compensation process that doesn’t require contacting support, right? Given that most players have no way of knowing their event keys were broken due to an internal error on your side?

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No! That would be making our jobs too easy, wouldn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue:

I can see one of your tickets was submitted correctly :slight_smile: We’ll get to it when we can. You were also sent an email, the one which redirected you, explaining why your ticket was closed if you sent it as a ‘bug report’. For more info check out this post.. For this type of request we’ll be handling it on tickets anyway.

@Vaelin better luck next time :slight_smile:

Support is really busy right now, we’ll get to it when we can.


Support is always “really busy”…
There’s an issue from a month ago that I reported that hasn’t been fixed. (Was also reported over a year ago too)

This bug report you keep saying you submitted a year ago, had something to do with hero name change right?

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Hey Guys,

I wanted to jump in here and discuss a few things about this issue from our side:

  • The data passed back from server to client isn’t entirely reliable as “truth”, since in many cases it is simply data created for the client to display, and not the actual data used by the server.

  • In the case of the Event Chests & Yasmine, even though the data passed back indicated there may have been a problem a couple of weeks ago, we suspect the server was behaving correctly. This week, some of our problems (e.g. the current misrepresentation of Guild Wars being about to start, and the Pharos-Ra issue) were partially caused by the preparations for the 3.4 update, as we are running 2 versions of the game simultaneously on the same servers during testing/submission.

  • Even if there was a problem a couple of weeks ago, and we wanted to provide accurate compensation for it, our detailed logs are not complete back that far. In other words, we can accurately compensate for the Pharos-Ra issue this week, because we can see exactly what everybody spent. We can’t see far enough back in sufficient detail, to compensate for old issues.

  • Because there has been some confusion about this, we’ll be taking steps to alter the way players receive data like this in the future (no details on that yet, we’re still planning), but in the mean time, because we hate to see the confusion and uncertainty amongst our players, we’ll be issuing some global compensation for everybody in the next 24 hours.


Will those of us that have already submitted a ticket still be considered for individual compensation? Do not envy the work you guys are doing in the background there - thanks for looking out for us!

We will continue to issue individual compensation for Pharos-Ra.

With Yasmine’s Chosen, we will be issuing global compensation as I mentioned, for any confusion that might have been caused.


Also, if you contact us regarding Pharos please include your Invite Code in CAPSLOCK exactly as it appears to help speed the process.

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I’ve been saying this for some time. @Taransworld and my site operate by looking at data sent from the server to the client, but in many cases (notably chest openings) the server is ultimately responsible for determining what is pulled and at what rate. Only IP2 knows for sure whether the broadcast data and the server logic are pulling from the same source, or two sources with the potential for drift. Use @Taransworld ‘s site as guidance, not gospel.


Well, not ideal… Even though the data in question isn’t used by the server - every change in drop rate or missing troop so far has been accurately identified by examining this data, and not a single person has come forward stating that they or even someone they knew has pulled. Yeah, I know, correlation does not necessarily imply causation and absence of evidence does not equate to evidence of absence… but all evidence available, circumstantial as it may be, strongly suggests that she wasn’t in those chests during that week - its even the exact same mistake that was made with Pharos initially where a mythic troop’s drop rate was set to zero for event keys. I understand why you can’t compensate just based on that and I kind of expected there wouldn’t be logs of actual chest pulls from that far back and that you wouldn’t be able to issue accurate compensation, and that is the crux of the issue… it wasn’t caught in time, so now all the hard proof is gone. I suppose nowhere does it say that she would specifically be available in event chests that week, and nobody asked, at least not on the forums (or I would have checked at the time) so caveat emptor…

Just so you know, I have no personal stake in this, since I didn’t attempt to pull YC (or Pharos) with event keys, but I find it more than a little disheartening. I only wish I had been checking the data at the time so I could have brought up the discrepancy and had it checked. I’d still gladly send my share of whatever the global compensation is to anyone who sent in a support ticket for YC before this announcement was made if I could.

Heres hoping to for some better testing of things like this in the future and that we get more transparency about what is and is not in chests in a 100% accurate, direct from server data in game display. Last time this was brought up, I mentioned not needing to know the drop rates in this display… given recent events, I feel that this is critical need to know information. To everyone else… always look at the data before trying to pull a troop of any rarity, and for high rarity troops, if you haven’t seen anyone pull a copy of the troop you are after first hand, ask first, every time, for a dev to physically pull a copy to ensure it can be done.


I didn’t report it a year ago. Others I’ve spoken to have made me aware that they did. So it’s a known issue that’s being handled at an appropriate speed…

This was a hard lesson, and I learned it. Never spend any valuable keys right away, always double-check. There was an issue when there was only a single copy of Firebomb in glory chests, wrong amount of Arcanes in glory packs, chest missing troops, and so on.

Before that I thought that this rule only applied to the new troops added to the chests, and old ones were always safe to pull, but it appears that literally everything is subject to error.

Maybe there wasn’t an error weeks ago, and I’m complaining for no reason, maybe this was a case. We will never know. Glad I only spent 100-200 keys and not 200-500.

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So you are telling me others you have spoken to reported last April, a bug with a feature that was added last December? Who are these “others” may I ask, because I would like next week’s lotto numbers.

I can only claim what they told me. How am i supposed to fact check something from prior to my play time.
Perhaps they just meant in the prior year as opposed to a full 365 days prior.

You fact check the same way I did, look at the previous patch notes. You have ripped the devs several times that I have seen over this and you don’t even have your facts straight. You are also spreading misinformation which helps nobody. Maybe be a little more tolerant and a little less belligerent and people will take you more seriously.


Yes because the game is nearly perfect in every way… Best to shut down the whole bugs section eh?

That’s not what I said at all. I said get your facts straight, dont spread misinformation, and be nicer. How does that translate to shutting down the bug reports?

Edit: if you care to continue this conversation I would be glad to via pm. Lets not derail this thread further.

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I got back the full amount of event keys and gems on Even chests I spent during the 4h after reset. The compensation is definitely worth it this time.

Ok I opened 300+ chest again and didn’t got Pharos-Ra but that’s my bad luck:s


I am happy to see that everyone reporting in so far at least has gotten all their event keys/gems they used on Pharos attempts during the time he wasn’t in chests back. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting that either, since they had no actual obligation to do so.