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Is it viable to make a Fallen Valdis team to counter Divine meta team

Based on the spell I think Fallen Valdis was designed to be a Divine counter but is it really viable? Are there any good Divine counter teams arised based on her after several weeks?

While I can’t say for sure, maybe she could be useful? Would be hard to get set up before the divines get active.

Oh and, despite Fallen Valdis being a divine counter, she gets HARD countered by a divine. Ironic huh…?

Exactly. I’ve tried several Valdis team but too slow to activate before Divines blow up everything.

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Every time I see Divines I go to this team. It is extremely successful. I think having Crusher at +9 helps.
Titan Class. 100/100 tree
Mountain Crusher, Fallen Valdis, Infernus, Arachnaean Weaver (Slayer Banner)
image image


Just make sure not to use Fallen Valdis against Voice of Orpheus… Fallen Valdis, the divine counter, gets hard countered by a divine… Oh the irony and one of the few times that Voice of Orpheus is actually a good pick.

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That team looks vary bad-ass! I don’t have the Weaver any replacement? Also I’m just starting leveling Titan class, 100/100 will be a long long way to go :sweat_smile:

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Queen Aurora in last spot is bonkers and great fun - but is another mythic I’m afraid.

I have a Divine meta killer team that has a hero weapon ( will edit this when I get logged into my account) / Fallen Valdis / Famine and an exploder 4th troop. (Will also edit this) / Titan class.

Yes I am aware that some divines have Mana shield. This team still works.

I told someone it was undefeated against the Diving meta and the very next game RnGeezus smited thee and I lost.

I’ve used like 5 different PvP teams over the past 5 weeks, there’s only a small amount of overlap between them (Ishbaala was used twice, Mountain Crusher shows up often, etc.), and none of them have any trouble with Divines.

At this point, players just have an allergy to Divines.

Divines were killed before Valdis came along.

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Yeah sure. I’m just curious whether Valdis is a viable Mythic or just…you know, toy to lower the chance we get useful Mythic :neutral_face:

I’d like to tell you she is terrible, but I literally haven’t used her since getting one.

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Don’t have Queen Aurora either…I’ll try Elemaugrim instead :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Fallen Valdis
King Bloodhammer


How to play: with them all fully traited grave seer can cast immediately turning all green gems purple which in turn usually powers nimue time her cast right to keep the chain going red to skulls yellow to purple and silence the two strongest enemies (usually hero,ubastet, infernus)after casting this once or twice you have usually decimated the first Troop with skulls or charges Medea and do 22 damage (legendary) to all enemies and barrier your whole team since they are all mystic rinse and repeat until fallen valdis is is charged cast to do 32 damage to all enemies and silence all divine by then grave seer is usually charged again loop completed game over in usually less then 10 turns on any divine team

Only downfall: submerged enemies avoid all damage dealing from this team except skulls