Is it possible to completely clear/delete a team?

If I manually remove troops from a given team, those changes are not saved. If I leave at least one troop on the team, then the changes are saved.

So I’m wondering if there’s a way to delete all troops from a team and save it as an empty team (those who use Lyya’s collection will know why, but also because it’s the elegant thing to do)

I empty my teams out weekly so not sure why you can’t save an empty team

Can you share more details - On Mobile? On PC?

PC. Not sure what more details I can give. If I remove the last troop, it doesn’t save, not even after entering a battle. It restores the team as it was before the last edit.

Just for the record, support said this is designed as intended.

Its always been this way on console (Unity) since day 1. This feature must have been brought over to PC with the Unity update.

I think there is a bug on the PC version when trying to do this. It will not change your deleted team unless another change is made. I found if I am deleting 5 team slots I need to delete all 5 then make a change to another team or add one troop back to one of the team slots I have changed.