Is it me or 4.0 drains mobile battery faster?

I have set the graphics to low and disable any effects. Yet it felt that version 4.0 drains my phone battery way faster than the previous version. Is there a way to remove the water ripple effect?

Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo.

Under graphics you should see a checkbox called High Quality Water.

Thanks but I have unchecked that and also enabled power savings. The water still ripples though with that disabled so that makes me wonder if it actually works

Could be a specific bug for your device model… Maybe @Cyrup is able to help or at least take note of this for a fix.

Try disconnect from the ingame chat if u have not, it might drain some too…

The devs have said that this setting makes the water ripple less, but it still ripples.

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Just to clarify on this, Disabling High Quality Water doesn’t stop the water from rippling, it actually uses a less expensive method of rendering water (CPU/GPU wise), at the expense of looking not as good.

As mentioned by Eika, In-Game Chat does drain a bit of battery on Mobiles (as it constantly connects to the internet to get any new chat messages), but enabling Power Saving Mode will also help use less battery in the long run.


You can also disable background app refresh for Gems of War, but this might cause some battle losses if you minimise the app and return (as Gems needs to stay connected to the internet).