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Is Guild Wars now all 2 Weeks?

Is Guild Wars now all 2 Weeks?

I believe it is repeating in 2 weeks as a one off, and is then going to every 4 weeks.


Raid 7 days, Invasion 7 Days, Doom Event 7 days, Guild wars 7 days, that means there are only 21 days between each guild wars session, vs the 14 we had prior to the 4.1 schedule change.

Guild Wars is repeating next Monday, after that it should return every 21 days.

It sure would be nice if:

  • There were an “Official News” category where things like this were announced to players.
  • A News section existed in-game where things like this were announced to players.

Usually that’s called patch notes! :joy:

Patch Notes wont confirm anything until 4.1 comes around probably

Which is this week apparently.

I say apparently: dates have been wrong before, dates have also been changed before.

So basically then it’s a 4 weekly cycle, with 21 days in between the event and a 7 day duration of the actual event.

I would assume people don’t miss Guild Wars while it is a guild wars week, so I only count the days between guild wars weeks, which was every 14 days, and is now going to be every 21 days…

Saying it is on a four week cycle implies it will be Guild Wars every 28 days, but the truth is that would be counting and including the 7 days that are guild wars, but with the change there are only 21 days between the end of a Guild Wars Week and the beginning of a New Guild Wars Week.

Raid 7 days, Invasion 7 days, Doom 7 days, Guild Wars 7 days = 28 days, but there are only 21 days between the end and start of each individual event including Guild Wars.

Or… just say Guild War will become a monthly event, along with 3 other modes. Much more simple.


I heard it was a 6-day cycle that adds a prime number of days every lunar cycle. Better rewatch the whole stream to double-check.

Damn, pretty bummed we aren’t having an Invasion next week, but still glad that we are going to be having even less Guild Wars weeks.


GW only 4 Weeks is already confirmed

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Guild Wars will be moving to every 4 weeks.


One of the best news I heard, thanks!

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Doom? What is doom?

No way in heck I would click like on this comment.

I have already lost many friends and even family members from gems because of all the “improvements” but that doesn’t seem to matter.

End gamers don’t spend as much $$$ as new players.

Funny thing is the new players are spending $$$ to compete with the End Gamers. As the top players leave gems the need to pay to win will leave with them.

But what do I know? Obviously not enough to leave this game as well.


On Xbox there’s 25-30 empty spots in the top 10 guilds. We lost 3 last 2 weeks because of the “improvements” as pix stated. Most that I know personally put up with the boring, mindless, repetitive raid and copy paste event invasion so they can still play GW. You’re going to keep loosing long term players, I’d like to know how many you’re expecting to loose because of the change vs how many actually do leave. Some that are happy with the game will leave as well when their long term friends leave and they don’t know anyone in their current guild.

I wonder how all the people hating on GW are going to feel when their favorite game mode gets replaced by another more lucrative event for the devs.


I’m not worried about it, I’ll be playing until they shut the servers down.


I will not pre judge the new content til I actually play it. It looks interesting IMO.