Is Gorgotha worth it?


I’m near 4000 diamonds to craft my first mythic in soulforge (waiting for pharos-ra) but I saw Tacet’s doomskull team and Gorgotha is the only troop I dont have. For now I’m playing with Artema in its place. Do you recomend to craft Gorgotha?


I usually wouldn’t recommend crafting a legendary troop, but Gorgotha is a big exception. He is a must have troop imho. I use him in several team lineups every week. He is a phenomenal self-healing super tank. You won’t regret having him.


Gorgotha is only 800 diamonds. You may be able to make up most of that by next week, so even if Pharos Ra shows up next week you should be fine. Agree with @Ashasekayi that Gorgotha is a top priority if you don’t have him — especially because you can get a jump start on traiting him thanks to the Gorbil glory pack this week!


Absolutely. Arguably the most important troop in the game.


I agree, Gorgotha has always been powerful and versatile. More so if you can trait it but you probably have that under control.

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first legend
i ever had… bad mofo

edit… @Al-ucard this weeks glory troop has Arcane mountain traitstones get enough to third trait gorgotha


Like most people said, I normally wouldn’t advise crafting Legendary troops, but there are a few exceptions, like, Kraken and Dragon Soul (in my opinion). And I would say this troop is definitely an exception, especially in this Doomskull-era of Gems.

Also, as @DEMONorANGEL pointed out, you get Mountain stones from the Glory troop this week and if you have enough glory, you could trait Gorgotha right up as soon as you get it.


Thanks to all. I was exploring for Artema so I have all the traitstones.

He is in my opinion the best Legendary in this game, as well as he is beating the majority of Mythics.


I remember getting him. My first legendary. I was psyched until I saw he exploded a whole three gems for me at the time lol.

wow, u were lucky, my first Legendary was Gar’Nok and we all know how useful he was back then. :rofl:


I remember my first legendary was Carnex. And he was actually good back then…

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What did his spell look like back then?

…I think it was ‘explode skulls plus gain a little armour’. In those early days it wasn’t so horrendously capped by the number of skulls and was pretty much as good as Gorgotha…

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I wish Carnex today created 5 random skulls, then exploded all skulls.

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You can soul farm without Pharos-Ra. It only makes you faster. At some point you’ll have farmed enough souls for Dawnbringer or whatever, and you won’t “need” Pharos-Ra anymore.

You can’t form many useful teams without Gorgotha: nothing else has the utility. It won’t lose its utility unless something strictly better comes along.

I’d say yes: go for Gorgotha, because Pharos-Ra only makes a long task shorter, whereas Gorgotha makes impossible things possible.


Carnex was “explode [3 + magic] skulls, gain 3 armor”. Since at the time he had, at most, 17 armor and 9 life to start, this armor was a big deal lol.