Is G.O.W rigged lol

As a Statistician and previous work for some well know online gaming company’s, i thought i would put my 2 peneth in. YES the game is riged, most online games are, otherwise the developers would not make any money. So as to the fact that so many say ‘No’ it can’t be rigged that is bolx.

If you want to be taken seriously as a statistician, you best come with numbers, facts, and figures :wink:


…exactly how is it rigged? The developers don’t make money off any part of the game being “rigged.” They make money selling things to people who don’t want to wait. You can literally play the game for FREE and have access to absolutely everything in the game that a paying player has. There is absolutely no pay-walled content in the game. Every troop, weapon, class, kingdom, what have you, is available (or was available) in the same capacity to non-paying players as it is to paying players.


Some weapons are not (guess that’s the was?).

But I’m pretty sure you need none of them. Some may be nice enough but so far I haven’t seen any that would be a game changer.

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“Rigged” (?) is not a statistical term, so you might consider using some clearer language to denote what specifically sets off your senses in the case of GoW.

As a point of fact, you don’t actually need to “rig” anything to exploit the psychological processes necessary to make money off a game like this. Even perfectly functioning RNG combined with low chance events is enough to make sure that enough people will miss out on the thing that they want that at least some of those will convert to purchases - this is foundational for practically every gacha that at some point sells something that can convert into more pulls, and even those that don’t directly that can keep your attention longer. A statistician who consults for gaming companies would know this. Intentionally and subtly changing things in such a way to constitute actually being “rigged” while also avoiding detection when many markets and platforms have at least some, albeit it very minimal, kind of regulation on these things is a good way to tank your product or maybe even entire company for very minimal extra gains.

I’m getting some very weird strawman/bait vibes from this. Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Arachenean Weaver was removed from event chests for four days without any advance warning to the player base, implied in any available online documentation, or any precedent, then pretended like everybody should have known it was going to happen. Thats not “rigged”, thats a combination of poor communication up front combined with a company trying to limit its exposure after the fact. Scummy, yes, “rigged”, no.


You mean buggy? 100%

I don’t know if the game is actually “rigged” in the sense that things are being manipulated intentionally.

Usually what happens is they did something wrong somewhere, because they don’t know wtf they are doing, blame the players first, then come up with potential solutions second that are usually really bad.

So yeah I don’t blame you for questioning if the game is rigged. I promise you that, even if things aren’t working how they should, probably none of that is being done on purpose.

Hope that helps :slight_smile: