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Is Divine Protector supposed to be for sale?

I ask for 2 reasons.

  1. I don’t think it’s associated with Sin of Miraj, so it probably shouldn’t be for sale?
  2. I already have Divine Protector, aren’t weapon bundles supposed to be hidden if you already own them?

the irony of this being for sale today is not lost on me . I love the devs , great sense of humor. ( not being sarcastic )

oh and for Slyp … the tome for 1000 glory is from Sin .

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Sure unicorn boy…

  1. I believe there is not enough weapon yet to have one in the shop from the kingdom. 2nd weapon was meant to be obtained for Glory. Maybe if they decided to have 3 weapons ready for the kingdom we would see one in the shop for 5 bux, but that is not the case.
  2. They never were hidden for me even if I had the weapons, so I guess not.

No one has to buy it… and the legendary ingots make the pack a good value, in my opinion.

I agree I wish there were more ways of getting those ingots … trying to get sin of miraj to 5 star is proving to be difficult … i thought one of the weapons would be at a lower rarity . I thought wrong .


That’s probably the reason why they didin’t nerf it like other divine, they will do it after sale :stuck_out_tongue:


This is why I didn’t file it as a bug report, I could think of several reasons why this weapon might be in the store even if it’s not ‘on theme’ with the event. The best part about it is a lot of people missed/didn’t get Divine Protector and we really need weapons like that rotating back in.

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