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Is Dispel even good?

Most of the teams I face tend to either have devour monsters, or stuff like Dragonsoul.
I haven’t really faced any team that buffs the monsters in any way.

Only good against barrier really…

So, kind of useless against 99% of the teams…

Damn, and I got Leviathan :confused:

I can imagine some specific cases where it would be useful, especially “dispel all”. For example, if you’re facing a charged Doomclaw and a team of enraged troops, being able to dispel them all will mean Doomclaw does 40 damage less when it goes off. Also handy against barriered beasts (FG) and giants (Jotnar) and… does it work on “submerged”? Can it dispel submerged?

yeah, Barrier removal is really the main benefit. You don’t need it much, but man when you do that debuff is nice.

It will be a lot more useful with the new update.

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Wait, what does that mean?
Does it get additional functionality?

No additional functionality but I do think submerge will be used as often as barriers. Especially now with different teams being used in GW. So while dispel might not be a top tier skill, it will be useful.