Is CHIEF really supposed to provide +2 Attack, Health, Life?


I’m very happy if this is supposed to be the case. Is Chief Stronhorm supposed to say +2 to Attack, Life, Armor on 4/5 matches? Cause that’s what he’s giving.



Before 4 match Stats:

After 4 match stats:


This is not intended unfortunately, the text is correct. This should be fixed later today.


But its not like its too powerful or anything with the +2 attack, health, life.


Why fix it? He’s very weak with only +1 to stats…


+12 damage for Ketras for every 4+ red match isn’t too powerful? (6 to primary and 3 to target above/below).


Your math is way off @Nilbogz.

Ketras is 2:1 ratio, so 6/2 = +3

After the nerf of Stronghorn: 3/2 = 1.5 damage for Ketras…

Example: Scorpius will give you about the same benefits and you don’t even need to match gems.



sorry, i was including Ketras’ third trait in my math.


God forbid they actually fix the reset glitch before this. “Something we did SIGNIFICANTLY hurt the player base? Better patch out Stronghorn’s trait before fixing that, we can’t have people being too OP, not even for a day.” Quite simply, garbage.


I think Chief Stronghorn should keep his +2 bonuses and the text should be fixed, not the other way around @ozball @Sirrian

@Nilbogz even if you assume a red 4 match for ketras and even withstanding the +2 for Stronghorn, it’s still nowhere near +12 damage from Ketras

(2+2 attack, 2+2 armor, 2+2 life) / 2 = +6 damage for Ketras. Yes, this is good but you must make a red 4 match and also cast Ketras spell. Infernus burning does 3 x 4 = 12 damage a turn for any match 4 and across many rounds. Scorpius and Bard give +1 magic, attack, health, armor to all 4 troops of a color. Even Lowly Ogryn, etc gives +5 to all 4 stats to all 4 troops and he’s a common!!!

So How is +2 to only attack, armor, life, and NOT magic and for only Taurus OP for Chief Stronghorn?



fixing the text to +2 is easier than fixing the code. just saying :stuck_out_tongue:


You aren’t counting Ketras’ spell hitting the other two targets but then you include Infernus’ burn hitting all four troops?

With a looping team, Infernus just did up to 12 total. Ketras could be charged and kill 3 troops in a single turn. Yes, this is possible now but at half the speed :slight_smile: I don’t care either way if it’s changed or not. I was just trying to show that in the current state, it’s a pretty big buff to Ketras + Chief teams.


Fix for Chief Stronghorn has gone out so he should be giving 1 Attack, Life and Armor as intended.


@Nimhain Chief seems very underpowered now? Are you all sure this is balanced?