Is burning less effective than before? Stops after a few turns

Maybe it’s my imagination, but it seems that burning isn’t all that hot anymore - I burn an enemy, the next turn, he stopped burning.

That is mainly in PVP, I think - is there a way to reduce the burning? I.e. some way to increase the chance of it stopping?
Or is it just bad luck on my part?

Just bad luck on your part, I think. There has always been a cumulative 10% chance for a status effect to clear after the first round (aside from Poison which never auto-cleanses and deathmark which has had its own rules).

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I’ve had the same ‘feeling’ but I cannot say that it’s true or false because I haven’t been able to play as much battles. I was surprised that enemies took shorter amounts of turns to clear the burning effect. Best is to just keep statistics on how many turns cards are burning. If after every first turn cards are cleansed of burning it could still be 10%. But if you have this all the time then no way it’s 10%. If I where you, keep track of it.