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Is auto-reward redemption when not logged in a thing?

Let me set up this scenario.

For me, the new “day” in Gems of War starts at an ungodly time (3 am in the morning). Like most others, I am in a guild with people in different time zones. People do Invasions and Raids whenever, etc. etc.

The concern: A reward stage (Invasion / Raid) is completed minutes before the new day starts AND it’s the last day of said Invasion / Raid. I’m either A) at work or B) asleep when that happens.

So… I lose out on this reward? Can I expect this in the mail?

If not, shouldn’t this be a thing? If this is already a thing, please disregard (too much of a wuss to intentionally miss out on a reward to verify).

Pretty sure these rewards are mailed to you if you miss them.