Inviting someone to a guild

How can I invite someone to the guild I am in? I have entered their GT and it says does not exist. I do not know where to get an invite code? Please explain

If you see them type something in chat you can click on their name and you will see ‘recruit’ on their profile. If that isn’t an option then unfortunately having their invite code is the only other way.

Where do you get their invite code?

They will have to give it to you.

But where do they find it? I don’t even know what my invite code is?

See the little cog to the right of the world map (settings)? Click on that and you will see your invite code.

Ok not trying to be a pain but I don’t se a cog or anything that says settings. I have clicked on the map and clicked on the page to go to guild stuff.

What platform are you playing on? I have no idea if it is different on console or not.

Sorry I just found it. I’m on Xbox one. Thank you I love doing the guild wars but apparently the guild I am in there are only 2 of us that still play.

Best of luck to you and your guild. Hopefully you will be able to get this person to join you guys.

I got them in thanks. Can I ask you another question? In the guild wars what does the different days/colors mean? Is that extra mana when you match them?

This might help.

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Ack! Thanks for the reminder, I needed to update that with the recent changes to point scoring. All done now!

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You get bonus points for using troops with the correct daily color in your team. It’s influenced by you guild statue levels, the current max bonus seems to be 4 * 150 = 600 points.