[INVESTIGATING] Spinnerette Cast Order

My apologies that I didn’t think about it until after the match so I didn’t catch a SS of the two troops remaining.
But basically the current cast text doesn’t match what is actually happening.

A. Web a random enemy. Deal X damage to all enemies.


B. Deal X damage to all enemies AND web a random random enemy.

What the current text actually says:

The “.” Is important because it implies two separate operations. As in deal damage. And then web. So if I kill two troops on a cast. 1 out of the 2 remaining troops (in the arena mind you) has to be webbed. Assuming they aren’t blessed. (Which they weren’t for my match.)

Well in my match just now, I killed 2/4 troops with Spinnerettes cast in the Arena and neither of the two remaining troops were webbed. 🤷


That " . " has nothing to do with the actions. The game is full of cast resolution anomalies.
Since Quetzalama will be available next week I did a little testing with sacrificing troops.
I used The Widow Queen to sacrifice Infernal King to trigger the resurrect effect. Widow Queen’s spell has 3 parts:

    1. Sacrifice an ally.
    1. Deal [Magic / 2 + 1] damage to all enemies, boosted by the sacrificed troop’s Life.
    1. Summon a random Zhul’Kari troop. [3:1]

Between 2 and 3 happens the hero talent and trait resolution. My team was Gorgotha, Infernal King, Widow Queen, Thief hero class. I am ended up with everything which can be summoned.

You’re mistaken.

Aka potential bugs. Possibly.

“Backup” will always have the priority in terms of resurrection. If it triggers. It will kick in before the Infernal Kings trait.

Your testing has absolutely nothing to do with this Spinnerette bug report.

Ifirit has the same issue.
Burns a troop and then does Scatter Damage.

Opposite of how the text is utilized.

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