[Investigating] Obtrusive team code tracking when copying from chat

Platform, device version and operating system:
Steam, Windows 7.

Screenshot or image:
Unnecessary, can provide video if needed.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I expected “Paste Team” to always auto-insert the team code I have currently on my clipboard. Instead, it prioritizes the last thing clicked in chat, no matter how long ago that was and no matter how many teams I put on my clipboard between then.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
New feature, so always.

Steps to make it happen again
Click on any team shared in chat. This copies the team code (lets call this team1) to your clipboard and sets it in a buffer the client.
Go to any team slot, click manage, and click the button to copy it outside of the game (lets call this team2). The team code from team 2 is now on your clipboard.
Go to any team slot, and click “Paste Team”. The code from team1 will be auto-inserted, despite the code for team2 being on the clipboard. Note that you can still paste in the code for team2 from your clipboard, if you manually select and CTRL+V over the code for team1 that got auto-pasted. But you have to do this every single time until you restart the game.
Go to your favorite place for discussion about Gems of War outside the in-game chat (without exiting the game). Copy any team code (team3). Return to the game and press Paste Team. You’ll continue to auto-paste the last thing you clicked on from chat (team1).
Restart the game. Go to any team slot and click “Paste Team”. The code for the team on your clipboard (at this point, team3) will be auto-inserted. You can now go outside the game and get copy another team code to clipboard, then return to the game and it will be correctly auto-inserted when you select “Paste Team”. Until you click another team in chat, anyways.

While I’m sure the last team code being clicked from chat being tracked by the client is a something that is handy for platforms other than PC, clicking something in chat already overwrites the clipboard anyways, thus “the team I want” is far better tracked through the clipboard and any valid clipboard data should take priority when pasting in the team. This would make it much easier to copy and paste teams in and out of the game and across game modes without breaking the in-game only functionality for other platforms.


If you paste into chat after copying Team2 to your clipboard, the correct team appears. It may only be when pasting into team slots that this occurs.

Right, I forgot to mention this. That would just be a regular CTRL+V paste, so it works as expected - you get clipboard contents. If you CTRL+V into a team slot, that also works… you get the data from your clipboard. But for some reason, the game tracks the last team you clicked on in chat and uses absolute priority on that when using the “Paste Team” button. The only reason I can think of it being this way is because other platforms need to use the in-game tracked method (where “clipboard” might be harder to access), but the clipboard should still take priority as every team click from chat puts it in clipboard (whereever that may be applicable) anyways.

I’m very sorry I missed this originally @Mithran

I’ve brought this up with the team to establish what the intended behaviour is (and why) then I’ll take the subsequent appropriate steps (either a bug report or a Quality of Life request).

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