[Investigating] Legend Reborn Repeating

Hi Dev,

I’m currently doing Legend Reborn on Switch. However, my battle keep on repeating and now i have to do Monk fight?

Can you explain this in more detail? E.g. is the quest progress meter not advancing (aka. stuck at battle X / 24) so you keep fighting the same battle each time?

Are you able to capture this on video? (Hold the Capture button to export the previous 30 seconds of video)

So far, I’ve played through the Legends Reborn questline once and did not encounter anything unusual…


Hi. Yes the progress meter stuck a fe time. I had to exit from it and do it again. And at the end of battle i had to complete the monk training to get the final reward

Hello :slight_smile:

Just so we are on the same page

  • Is your quest progress still stuck? (If yes, where is it stuck?)
  • Can I please have your invite code? (You can find this in the settings menu at the bottom left, in all caps!)

hi @Bramble ,

i eventually manage to complete it. but feels weird why i had to do monk training too.

Here’s my invite code: OMERABI_VGPZ

and im on switch.