[Investigating] Incorrect visualization of the bonus from the guild guards (STEAM)

at the entrance to the guild I click on the guard, for example green

выхожу из меню гильдии на карту мира. снова вхожу в гильдию, нажимаю на зеленого стража

shows no bonus!

I tried several times to enter / exit the menu of guilds. bonus from the guards of the guild that is, then no. sometimes the number of days the bonus is valid changes

on the first picture a bonus for 5 days, on the last one for 7 days


This looks very similar to a current Known Issue we are aware of,
Visual Issue: Guild Statue skill bonuses remain grey when active sometimes, instead of red, once all 12 Guild Tasks of the statue colour have been completed

But I have passed this onto the team to confirm if it is the same issue and investigate further, or if this is a different issue.

Jeto (she/they) - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

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