[Investigating] Honeydipper fails to Charm if it kills the target

Version: 7.5.0 (Switch)

Video footage: (recorded)

Description: When casting the Deep Hive faction weapon, Honeydipper, if the target dies from the damage inflicted then the weapon fails to inflict Charm damage on any adjacent enemies, and the message “No Target Available” appears onscreen.

This might seem intentional – i.e. “how can you Charm a dead foe?” – HOWEVER, when casting Viper under the same conditions, Viper’s spell DOES perform Charm damage to adjacent enemies regardless of whether the target dies from the initial hit. (Succubus Queen similarly Charms first, deals damage second.)

Why do these spells differ from each other?

Screenshot: Honeydipper

Screenshot: Viper

Screenshot: Succubus Queen

  • The “No Target Available” message is due to the summon failing

Good point. Just to add to this, before anyone asks, both honeydipper and viper state the damage first, then the charm, so should work in the same way. I suspect that viper, like many troops, actually performs the steps of it’s spell in a different order to what is listed on the spell.
The fix seems simple. Since charming first is clearly the ideal choice, change honeydipper to perform steps in that order (charm, then damage, then other effects), and preferably reword the spells to state charm before damage.

I probably should add Succubus Queen: Her spelltext starts with “Charm an enemy and steal # Life from them…”, and like Viper she deals Charm damage prior to the Life steal, thus regardless of whether she kills the target.

However, Succubus Queen is also a summoner, meaning that the “No Target Available” message could refer either to failing to Charm an enemy (because no adjacent targets) or failing to summon (because ally team full).

There are, of course, several Troops where the specific order of their spell effects doesn’t match what is implied by the order they are mentioned in the spelltext – Amira, for example, spelltext says “Deal # damage and steal 2 Magic” but it’s obvious that the Magic steal occurs first (effectively boosting the damage dealt).

Anyway, screenshots (videos are still available if needed):

Honeydipper killing the target:

Viper killing her target:

Succubus Queen, killing her target:

  • The “No Target” message is due to the failed Summon